My so-called weekend

OK, my computer and the younger Miss Pico’s computer are at Computer Pals, to be repaired. Mine wouldn’t start properly, but kept going into a continual restart mode, so I assume it’s infected. I managed to find a few minutes to get a badly-overdue haircut on the way home.

As for the younger daughter, she — and presumably the spare daughter — created additional log-ins. The computer works, but for some reason you can’t get into the administrative log-in. And when they set up the other log-ins, for some reason they set them up under parental controls, so you can’t access the internet from those log-ins. Since we can’t start the administrative log-in, we can’t remove the parental controls.

By the way, the younger Miss Pico isn’t 7 or so; she’s 18!

So, I’m stuck using the older Miss Pico’s old Dell, and Internet Explorer 6.0, which majorly sucks after getting used to Firefox 3.0.

As for the older Miss Pico, I had to fetch her home from Penn State last night, because she has Army Reserve drill this weekend with her unit in Schuylkill Haven. Mrs Pico had to work Friday and this weekend, so that meant the 2½ hour drive to State College after I got off work at 1700, and then the 2½ hour drive back home. Naturally, it was rainy and foggy and the weather — which I blame on Al Gort — was crappy.

And then, of course, that meant four showers this morning between 0430 and 0530 — did I mention that we have a 100 year old house, with one bathroom? — so that everyone could get up and showered and leave the house in time to get where they had to be. But PFC Pico is at her unit, hopes to pick up her unit patch — which she should have received at the end of AIT, but they didn’t have it — and get moving on promotion to E-4.

And I’ll get to pick her up this afternoon, after drill is over, and then take her again tomorrow morning — and then pick her up again tomorrow afternoon, and then it’s right back to Penn State!

You lie! Who lies?

Representative Joe Wilson (R-SC) made a name for himself with two shouted words during President Barack Obama’s health care address to a joint session of Congress. Mr Wilson certainly violated normal congressional decorum. But it’s a serious question that Mr Wilson raised: is President Obama telling the truth or lying when he says that his health care reform proposals would not cover illegal immigrants?

Our good friend Patterico isn’t all that upset with Representative Wilson’s tactics, because he believes that the congressman is right:

Joe Wilson Just Yelled Out the Truth

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Is it wrong for me not to be mad at Joe Wilson?

I know that conventional wisdom is that it was wrong for him to yell “You lie!” at Barack Obama. Ed Morrissey said so; Dennis Miller said so; I assume most other conservative commentators said the same thing (while noting that Wilson was correct).

But I don’t know. Obama was lying. ObamaCare will cover illegals. Democrats have fought every enforcement mechanism and Obama himself has implied it would happen. He even altered the number of uninsured he claims are present in the country, so that people wouldn’t talk about it.

Joe Wilson just yelled out the truth.

We can spend all day pointing out how Democrats have done similar things (and if they’re going to falsely claim that they haven’t, we have a duty to point out that they have). And I understand the argument that, if yelling becomes acceptable, Republicans will probably bear the brunt of that rule more. But put all that aside for a second.

All he did was yell out the truth.

I don’t know, it’s just hard for me to get too upset about that. Sometimes you have to yell out the truth.

Plus, it’s nice to have a guy named Joe Wilson who cares about the truth, for once.

Well, the final legislation hasn’t been passed yet, so there’s always room to say that yes it will/ no it won’t cover illegal immigrants specifically or non-citizens in general. But there’s a kind of simple way to assess the situation: if illegal immigrant Sven Johannsen (didn’t want to get too stereotypical here) is crossing the street in Eric’s home state of Minnesota, and gets run over by a team of runaway sled dogs, when Mr Johannsen is rushed to the hospital, will he be turned away and left to die in the snow because he is an illegal immigrant and doesn’t have his ObamaCare card?

We all know the answer to that: no, he won’t be turned away, and he isn’t turned away even now. These days, a for-profit hospital will try to get Mr Johannsen shipped to a public, non-profit facility if it can, but he can’t be simply turned away.

At least in that regard, Mr Wilson was right, regardless of the final shape of the bill.

Now, the Democrats could easily answer Representative Wilson’s objection: they could insert a provision which would seize the property of people here illegally who wind up like the fictional Mr Johannsen, to satisfy as much as possible whatever health care costs he runs up, and upon his release from the hospital turn him, and any family members found to be residing here illegally, over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement for deportation.

It’s a simple and easy solution. Anyone here think we’d actually do it?

Abort It? Or Allow It To Live?

I remember years ago hearing a “Focus On The Family” broadcast. I actually ordered it on cassette tape. The broadcast had happy-sad stories to tell. And there was plenty of anger, while much was under the surface. And, of course there was plenty of pain.

But what sort of “Focus On The Family” broadcast would have anger and pain? The sort that would have all but the most vile to feel the same anger and pain. This broadcast was a group interview with women who were raped.

That’s not the entire truth. This broadcast was a group interview with women who were raped and became pregnant as a result.

That’s not the entire truth, either. This broadcast was a group interview with the women who were raped and the children they brought forth to the world as a result of the rape.

The women had excruciatingly painful memories of the rapes. But they made an active decision not to murder their innocent unborn children for the rapes. They also made an active decision to love their innocent children, regardless of how they were conceived.

And, at some point in their innocent children’s lives, these women chose to relive their excruciatingly painful experience with their children, whom they loved. And, while the women seemed to have softened a lot in regard to the pain, the children, who were conceived due to rape, had a lot of anger toward the men who violently attacked their mothers in the most heinous of ways.

All the children, of course, were glad their mothers gave birth to them. And all the children acknowledged a deeply-felt love by their mothers and reciprocated it. But, to the best of my recollection, none of the children regarded their mothers’ rapists as their fathers.

These children, all young-adults, or very nearly young-adults, had nothing but praise for their mothers and for what the strength their mothers had to go through everything a woman has to go through when impregnated by a stranger.

Several of the mothers were single parents for years, and had to go through that ostracization. But they never took it out on the children they loved with all their being. How could they? Their children were part of them. And their children never did them any wrong through all of this.

None of the children were thankful the “Y chromosome-owner” impregnated their mother so they could live. Not one. But they were all thankful their mothers chose life over murdering them.

I guess what I’m saying is, if you’re in a terrible situation because some worthless scum-bag violated you, don’t take it out on an innocent. Even if you cannot handle raising a child, you can do the next-best thing. Find an adoption center near you and talk to them. You can have an open adoption, where the adoptive parents give you regular feed-back, or a closed adoption, where nobody knows nobody. But don’t excecute the baby for something some worthless criminal did.

I will never fully understand what you go through on a daily basis. But I do know it’s not worth knowing that you killed your child to (temporarily) ease the pain.

Always know, despite your trauma, that God loves you and will help you through your anguish. You have only to ask. And there are many pro-life organizations out there just waiting for you to reach out to them.


Foxfier here.

John asked me to share why this hits home to me– a friend of mine is like these kids. Born of rape.

What he reports on the broadcast saying, I can say I’ve seen first-hand, from twenty years down the road– it’s accurate.

I don’t call a lot of folks “friend,” to let you know what kind of person this person is– one of the few folks Elf and I associated with that has no geek traits, just a good person. Not perfect, but a real pleasure to be around.

My friend’s mother is very religious, so she never considered abortion, and even married a man my friend now considers “dad” and “father”– the sperm donor is less than nothing.

Please. If some scum has hurt you, don’t hurt the kid– they are as much a victim as you are, and that baby can grow into a wonderful, funny, caring, delightful person, if you’ll give them that chance.
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Old Baltimore

Part of the forgotten charm of Baltimore is in the historical hints provided by many of the street names.

Some who care about history could give a lecture while driving through the city. Wells and McComas streets memorialize two teens who died in the battle. Some believe that they shot and killed General Ross and demoralized his forces. There is a monument to their honor and it appears (along with their names) on the badges of deputy sheriffs in Baltimore County.

Stricker Street, Key Highway, Fort Avenue, and Sam Smith Park commemorate the war and its heroes.

There is also a Bonaparte Alley named not for the Emperor but his brother Jerome. Jerome married Betsy Patterson (as in the Park) but was obliged to dump her and marry a German Princess to become King of Westphalia. Betsy returned to America and the domestic Bonaparte line ended with an Attorney General of the US. There are credible rumors that Jerome sired a few children with black women in Baltimore and there are a number of black Bonapartes in Baltimore.

West Baltimore (where I grew up) has streets named for vast estates that once had elegant mansions. Few who live their remember what inspired the names. There was Allendale, Mount Holly, and Lyndhurst in my immediate vicinity. I was saddened when the Allendale Mansion was pulled down to provide a site for some row homes.

Sic transit gloria mundi.