$5B in Profits, $0 Taxes Paid, GE CEO BO Adviser, USA SCREWED AGAIN

GE moving X-ray business to ChinaBloomberg News / July 26, 2011

General Electric Co.’s health care unit, the world’s biggest maker of medical imaging machines, is moving the headquarters of its 115-year-old X-ray business to Beijing.


Immelt can go do an anatomically impossible act, but I’m sure the GE employees would gladly help

Nothing New, Nothing to See, Just Move Along, It’s Still Bush’s Fault

Summary of BO’s Speech Tonight: It’s all Bush’s Fault

Tania Gail broke her finger . . .

. . . and she has the picture to prove it!

Now, I’m not saying that there’s any particular message in that . . . . :)

Tania Gail Ciolko is a Republican, a good Republican, and is, in fact, a Republican committeewoman in the 57th Ward, 10th Division of 13th congressional district in Pennsylvania, as well as the 19th hottest conservative woman blogger (blogess?) in the United States. But she’s redoing her blog design, and her color palette is [shudder!] cranberry, taupe, white and majollica. Democrats use colors like cranberry, taupe, and majollica, but good Republicans would use red, tan (maybe beige!), white and blue.

Tania Gail, please, use Republican names for colors!

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At what point does President Obama become responsible for the effectiveness of his own policies?

Well, according to our good friend Perry, not yet, and probably not ever:

Pew: Republican Gains ==> Dem Challenges

Posted on July 23, 2011 by Perry

This is interesting, but not unexpected:

This result is indicative of the job creation crisis, caused by the Republican policies during the Bush years, but blamed on Obama by many of those hit hardest by the lack of jobs. Moreover, the Republicans have no plan to create jobs, only the Ryan Plan (the Cut, Cap, and Balance plan was soundly defeated in the Senate this week) of severe austerity on the American middle and poor, which is sure to yet destroy many more jobs.

So here is the campaign challenge for Obama and the Dems: to set the record straight and turn this perception more toward the facts, highlighting the fact that trickle down economics is not the solution, never has been, and that stimulus creates demand which then creates more jobs. After the GDP growth, phasing in austerity will be needed, without a doubt, but we need to get the economy growing first. Let us not be lulled into making the same mistakes that the UK is making as we speak!

There are more interesting results and charts at this link which pretty well spell out the challenges for the Dems for the 2012 general elections.

The last I had heard, the Democrats won the 2006 and 2008 elections. The Republican Party lost power in both Houses of Congress following the 2006 elections, and the Democrats took majority control. Then, in 2008, the Republicans lost even more seats in Congress, and the presidency reverted to Democratic Party control; for a time the Democrats even had a filibuster-proof majority in the eleventy-first Congress.

And what did the Democrats do? Why, they did their best to actually put their policies into government programs, and into law. Over near-unanimous Republican objections, they passed a sweeping change of our health care system into law, as they promised to do. Over near-unanimous Republican objections, they passed a huge, porcine “stimulus” plan, greatly increasing the annual federal budget deficit and the national debt in the process, claiming that passing it would hold rising unemployment to a maximum of 8%, while not doing so would allow unemployment to rise to 9%. Over near-unanimous Republican objections, they passed the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, which even John Walsh, the Acting Comptroller of the Currency and an Obama Administration appointee recently said would cause a “tsunami” in the mortgage lending industry, with “15 to 20 new mortgage lending requirements in the regulatory pipeline.”

Yet, according to Perry, the Democrats need to keep blaming our economic problems on the Republicans, and need “to set the record straight and turn this perception more toward the facts, highlighting the fact that trickle down economics is not the solution, never has been, and that stimulus creates demand which then creates more jobs.”

Well, the Republicans have been out of power, the Democrats have managed to pass major new financial regulations, and passed a huge stimulus package, yet the “stimulus . . . demand which then creates more jobs” hasn’t created more jobs, and the economy that the Democrats said they would turn around is still anemic, saddled with the ever increasing debt burden the Democrats piled on, and which they are insisting must be increased.

Perry’s answer is that the Democrats must do a better job of selling the strange notion that, after 2½ years in office, President Obama is still responsible for nothing and that it’s all former President George Bush’s fault that things aren’t getting better. Of course, that depends on yet another strange idea: that the economy was under the control of the Republicans when the Republicans held power, and that made things bad, bad, bad, but the economy isn’t under the control of the Democrats when the Democrats hold power, so that’s why the Democrats haven’t made things good, good, good.

The distress for our good Democrat from Delaware is that the public are not buying it. Somehow, some way, they seem to have the idea — pushed by the Democrats as recently as 2008 — that the guys in office right now are the ones responsible for things right now. That’s part of the reason that the voters gave a majority of their votes to the Republicans in 2010, and that’s the reason President Obama is in significant jeopardy of losing his bid for re-election.

President Obama once said that the voters should hold him accountable for high unemployment and a slow economy. Perry seems upset at the fact that the voters have done just that, in 2010, and look like they might just do it again in 2012.

It’s been boiling hot . . .

. . . thanks to former Vice President Gore, and I’ve been both busy at work and tired when I get home. The computer room is not air conditioned (all we have are a couple of window air conditioners in the bedrooms) and with it having reached 102ºF (39C) yesterday, I just plain didn’t feel like spending time in front of the ‘puter. Today, Elaine and I are planning on going to the beach.

A picture from out my back window:

MSNBC: Where Dishonest “Gotcha” Journalism Goes Bad

And people wonder why MSNBC has like ten viewers or something.

Watch the Leftist hack Contessa Brewer as she does her contortion act on national television (albeit to perhaps ten people live). She keeps this up and she’ll have one nasty case of athlete’s tongue.

From Ed Morrissey:

Brooks actually has three degrees: political science, economics, and law. As a lawyer, Brooks would have been experienced enough not to make Brewer’s mistake in a cross-examination, which is to ask a question without first knowing the answer. Not only that, but Brewer was being flat-out rude as well as foolish; MSNBC invited Brooks to appear to get his perspective on the issues. If their hosts respond by belittling them (whether it backfires or not), what does that say about MSNBC, its management, and the kind of invitations they make?

Since Brewer made an issue out of having an economics degree before engaging in economics debates, she must have a doctorate in the subject herself, right? Not exactly. According to her Wikipedia entry, Brewer has a baccalaureate in broadcast journalism (magna cum laude). Apparently they didn’t teach interviewing skills at Syracuse, or logic either, as a requisite for the degree.

Contessa Brewer has a four-year degree in broadcast journalism. Not exactly a rigorous science, that. And she wants to antagonize and belittle a politician, calling his education into question on subject matter that she is very poorly educated in. And she sticks her foot in her mouth up to the knee. Of course, it’s quite typical behavior from the radical Leftist MSNBC. Perhaps that’s why they have such dismal viewership numbers.

It seems to me I’ve seen this play before. But the version I’m familiar with has a foreign socialist with a book-putter-backer degree arguing economics with an American businessman with an Ivy League economics degree. With much the same results.

President Obama unites all factions in Lebanon

From the New York Post:

More hated than Dubya?

Last Updated: 3:09 AM, July 16, 2011

A recent Zogby poll asked Arabs their view of President Obama and the United States, and guess what? They’re not crazy about either one.

America’s approval in the Arab world has plummeted in the past two years. Just 5 percent of Egyptians view the US favorably, down from 30 percent in 2009.

“In most countries, they are lower than at the end of the Bush administration, and lower than Iran’s favorable ratings,” wrote pollster James Zogby.

More at the link. But the money line was:

A stunning 99 percent of Lebanese think he’s a failure — which means the warring Muslims, Christians and other ethnic groups there have finally found something they agree on.

Maybe, just maybe, what this really means is that it really doesn’t matter what the United States does, the Third Worlders are always going to hate us. Maybe, just maybe, it shows that it’s wholly useless to try to adjust our policies to try to get other nations to like us.

We liberated the people of Iraq and Afghanistan; they hate us. We abandoned Hosni Mubarak — albeit slowly — when the Egyptian people started to rise up against him; they hate us. We spent vast amounts of treasure to help the Libyans struggling to throw off the yoke of Muammar al-Qaddafi; they hate us. We undercut our only real ally there, Israel, by saying that any peace settlement has to go back to the old “Green Line.”; they hate us. We helped save the Muslim Bosnians from the Orthodox Christian Serbs; they still hate us. Hell, President Obama even made obeisance bowed to Saudi royalty, and they still hate us. We poured money into the largest Muslim country in the world, Indonesia, following the tsunami, all for humanitarian purposes, and they hate us.

So, why don’t we just cut the crap, and stop trying to please other people, and set our foreign policy to achieve our self-interested objectives?