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We appreciate any comments you may have on the articles on Common Sense Political Thought, and encourage participation. We reserve the right to delete offensive comments, but do not define critical as offensive. Since 2005, I have censored exactly one non-spam comment, when someone tried to use this site to “out” a supposedly closeted homosexual politician; even there, I simply redacted the name of the politician. I have edited a few other comments, usually to insert paragraph breaks when the author did not include them and they were too difficult to read without them, and a couple of really bad spellling errors. :) But I don’t edit reader comment content in any other fashion.

Outright libel will be deleted, as will spam and spam links.

If you refer to articles on CSPT on a site of your own or on other people’s blogs, we appreciate the inclusion of hyperlinks to the original, and trackbacks. Please see our Copyrights and Reprints Policy for other information.

Update: 27 April 2011: Due to a general increase in personal invective and nastiness, I am going to impose some further commenting restrictions. Several different insults have been added to the automatic moderation trigger, and while getting swept into the moderation queue does not necessarily mean that you have insulted someone else — there are other things, designed to reduce spam, which trigger moderation — it does mean that your comment will be looked at more thoroughly before approval, and may be released as is, may be edited to remove personal insults or may be discarded as salvageable. Comments edited or discarded will be publicly noted.