About Us

This is the political website of Ken Vermillion and Dana Pico, mostly conservative, sometimes not, usually Republican, but not always. We believe in the Bill of Rights, we believe in capitalism, and we believe in an aggressive foreign policy. Political correctness will not be found here.

We’ve been best friends for over thirty years, having met when we were students at the University of Kentucky. Time and families and distance had us physically separated, but we have maintained a close friendship by mail (before there was e-mail) and now via the computer. We’ve always been interested in publishing our thoughts, and this is how we have chosen to do it. (National Review, if you’d like to pay us, we’ll accept!) We aren’t the same person, and we do have some mostly minor political disagreements. For example, we disagree on capital punishment. You’ll probably see those, too.

Update, May 27, 2006: Art Downs and Yorkshire have been added to the list of frequent posters. Mr. Downs has a good deal of experience in Maryland politics, and both have a real appreciation for the city that Baltimore used to be. Yorkshire is our photographer, and adds to whatever physical beauty we have on this site. Eric, from the Land of 10,000 Lakes, contributes movie and book reviews as well as political commentary.

Update, October 15, 2006: My friend Jack now occasionally contributes under the nom de guerre of Johannes Magnus.

Update, November 20, 2006: Sharon, from The Gold Plated Witch on Wheels, and a frequent commenter on Patterico’s Pontifications and The Liberal Avenger, has graciously accepted an invitation to cross post some of her work on this site. Sharon is an attorney from the Great State of Texas.