St Patrick’s Day Parade in Jim Thorpe

OK, it rained. :( And the University of Kentucky Wildcats were playing the Mississippi State Bulldogs for the SEC Tournament Championship.  So, what was I to do?  I know: I’ll send our younger daughter and the spare daughter downtown to take the parade pictures, whilst I watch the game on my 42″ High Definition LCD television set!

Not the best picture, but one of apparently a million bagpipe bands, and the picture clarity lets you know it was raining!

What’s a parade without a beetle?


No comment.

No small town parade is complete without a fire truck

Or two.

From the Pennsylvania National Guard

I don’t know who this soldier is, but by having a unit patch on his right sleeve, I know that he has been deployed overseas.

More bagpipers

This is, of course, a parade for the grown-ups!

Personally, I always go to a parade to learn about mold and asbestos removal!

Bagpipers in rain gear

And after you get your mold and asbestos removed, you can head for the local tattoo parlor!

More grown-ups, demonstrating their serious solidarity with the Irish.

I’m thinking that this one should worry me!

More Hibernians, in our town built by Germans!

A cool car! Of course, if the driver had any sense, he’d have had the top up!

Oh, well, last year someone dyed his dog green!

War of Northern Aggression re-enactors. And, once again, it’s the damned Yankees. :(

We do have some very important people coming to our little town!

We were safe, because it’s been way too wet for forest fires!

I, of course, was warm and dry, as UK defeated Mississippi State 75-74, in overtime. It took a near-miracle finish for UK to tie the game 64-64, on DeMarcus Cousins’ tip in with 0.1 second left on the clock. The Cat’s couldn’t hit three point shot attempts, and MSU’s defense caused several misses and turnovers close to the basket. Poor free throw shooting hurt the Cats as well, and, realistically, Mississippi State should have won this game.

The NCAA Tournament bracket will be announced at 6:00 PM, and UK is almost certain to have a number one seed in one of the four regionals. Mississippi State was regarded as a “bubble” team, but the way they played today, they should make the tournament.


  1. It is my understanding, every Army and National Girls (my daughter calls them that, so I do) unit has its own right-shoulder unit patch. Overseas isn’t a prerequisite. I don’t know how the Corps or the 9-5 branch handle this, but I remember the Corps frowning on all the jewelry the Army wears on their uniforms back in the day.

  2. From what SPC Pico tells me, her unit insignia is worn on the left upper arm sleeve, and the right is for the American flag (reversed, so that the flag appears to be streaming into the wind as the soldier moves forward) and a foreign deployment unit, if the soldier has ever been deployed.

  3. In other news, Ohio State, led by the man who should be NCAA player of the year, cruised to a 90-61 Big Ten championship over a bunch of varmints. I don’t know if this propels the Buckeyes, who basically use a 6-man rotation, to a 1 seed or not (they should be a 2 or 3), but Evan Turner (who missed time due to a broken bone in his back) did a number on the tourney.

    NCAA championship: Ohio State beats the Kentucky mildcats 65-59.

  4. Kentucky is the number two seed for the entire tournament, which I think they deserved. But there’s no way that Florida, fourth in the SEC East, should have gotten in while Mississippi State, first in the SEC West, didn’t make the tournament.

  5. I don’t follow a whole lot of college basketball and follow it even less since I don’t have cable (or broadcast) TV, but with the Ohio State rotation, I’ll be happy if they make the Elite Eight.

  6. Actually the Unit Insignia is that of 3rd Infantry Division. And im sorry i dont remember seeing John Hitchcock wearing his uniform today probably because he is to busy watching basketball to serve. Dont knock anyone till you have done it. As being in that second humvee National Guard is depolyed more often then the Active Army so when you want to learn some stuff shut off the tube and get some learning done. Left arm is the US Flag with the Pennsylvania Keystone as the right arm has the Active insig. and from personal knowledge the soldier in question was a former Marine with more tours under his belt then you can count maybe if he turned the other way you could see the CAB.

  7. Jason, your attack was slightly off-base. I refer you to all sorts of commentary on this site. I also refer you to my site you can easily find by clicking on my name. Thank you.

  8. What? A 42″ HD LCD? How can you see anything on it? You must have your lawn chair within five foot of the screen!

    Oh, that over there? Those Hawkeyes playing basketball? Don’t worry about them, they’ve decided to take the season off and play scrimmage games. About those Hawkeye wrestlers, though…

  9. Like Winston Smith in 1984, the 42″ set is on the long wall of a long but narrow living room. It’s more like eight feet from the couch to the television; a larger set would have been too much for the room.

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