Al Gort Is Coming For You, East-Coasters

I’m snowed in AGAIN. They’re calling for 5-9 by the time the warning is over at 0600. And that’s not all, they’re calling for another storm on Friday.

And these storms can only head east from the Buckeye.


  1. It’s dark here now. That puts the last nail in your “sunlight” theory, doesn’t it? Now, your leftist plot to attack the lamp-and-bulb industry looks pretty stupid!

  2. The NWS kept calling for 2 to 4 inches tonight, then, when I got home, the Weather Channel was saying an inch, and the radar showed it about over here. There’s a real light dusting on the parked cars, but the street out front is just wet.

    Still, it looks like that damned groundhog was right.

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