Attention Photographers

We have a few shutter-bugs among the regulars on this site. What I’ve seen is basically scenery, which I’m looking for. But I’m also looking for photos of people. Allow me to explain.

Last week, I looked for a video on YouTube but couldn’t find it anywhere, so I emailed the ones who made the song and asked for permission to create a video and publish it on YouTube. Today, I got a return email granting me permission. I was thinking about buying photos at $2.00 per video but I thought about you folks with your shutter-bug disease.

For basic reference, the song is a Christian love song. I’m looking to make a slide show to go along with the song. I would like to collect a series of photos of couples ages 16 to 96 holding hands, church exteriors, altars with a prominent Cross, and wedding-in-process.

This will be my first ever attempt at a slide-show, much less a slide-show to music, so it will be amateur quality but I’d like to get it out on YouTube.

So, do you folks think you can help out?


  1. Mr Clay, some of the regulars have the ability to attach photographs while other regulars have their own websites to which they can link. You would not be able to attach a photograph here, to the best of my knowledge.

    It is also very important to me that no photos I use have any copyright issues whatsoever. I don’t want a takedown notice or lawsuit or any such thing because I accidentally included something I didn’t have a right to.

    I specifically chose to omit my email address to prevent heavy spammage and goodness knows what else. But you can expect to receive an email from me shortly.

    PS: Would one of you with better tactical skills around language care to translate that for me?

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