Uhhh, if they need some of our snow . . .

. . . we’ll be happy to give it to them!

Too much snow? Not in B.C.¹

Moguls skiers, due to compete this weekend, were taking the lack of it in stride yesterday.

VANCOUVER – Trucks and helicopters were still dumping snow onto Cypress Mountain yesterday to get the Olympic venues ready for the Games, which open Friday.

The first event scheduled is women’s moguls qualifying on Saturday, with the finals to be raced later that day.

“I’ve skied on rocks, I’ve skied on ice, I’ve skied in the rain. This is nothing,” World Cup champion Hannah Kearney said, ahead of her first pre-Olympic practice run. “It’s unfortunate for the beauty of the surrounding mountains . . . but I don’t think it is going to be a problem for us skiing.”

Only athletes and their coaches were allowed at training yesterday, when they were to get their first look at the conditions.

“For safety reasons and our desire not to have any of the course-preparation work impacted, we decided just to let on the people that are absolutely necessary for the training,” said Dave Cobb, executive vice president of the Vancouver organizing committee.

Well, here is the front page from today’s Philadelphia Inquirer, and all they’re talking about is the impending snow, how it’s going to break the snowfall record, and how local snow removal budgets have been strained.

Municipalities may need federal help after snow²

By Edward Colimore, Philadelphia Inquirer Staff Writer

With two major snowstorms in less than two months and a third on the way, municipalities are devouring snow-removal budgets and, without state or federal help, may be forced to cut services to cover winter’s costs.

New Jersey legislators are urging Gov. Christie to request emergency federal assistance to contribute to the municipal costs of plowing, sanding, salting, and overtime.

“This storm has already slammed our residents with heavy snow,” said Assemblyman John Burzichelli (D., Gloucester), one of the lawmakers calling for action.

“We don’t want to see them get slammed again with a property-tax increase when federal assistance may be available,” said Burzichelli, who is also mayor of Paulsboro.

In Philadelphia, the Dec. 19 snow cleanup cost $3.4 million, and the expense of last weekend’s storm – still being calculated – only added to budget burdens.

Communities in the Pennsylvania suburbs also were feeling the financial pinch. Some already have used up all of the money set aside for removal efforts.

[sigh!] Whenever costs are higher than anticipated, it’s always the feds who have to bail out people, companies, governments. How ’bout the cuts in other services option here?
¹ – The Philadelphia Inquirer, Tuesday, 9 February 2010, p. E-7
² – The Philadelphia Inquirer, Tuesday, 9 February 2010, p. A-1


  1. Y’know, I had a lot of sympathy for the Olympics folks…until I found out that they’d placed the games on a ski-slope that, by their own records, has a really good chance of being above freezing this time of year…..

  2. Let’s see… the government can’t do…..this, but it can control health care and golbal warming. Guess what, if you want something done just put it out to the people. I guaranteeeee we will find a way.

  3. BTW, Thursday is Walter Williams day here. Do any of you guys want to join me? May be a tad of snow, but Mrs.John C. will assure the task. And as I said, perhaps a few “dignitaries”. This could be fun, guys. Just to bust Pho’s ball(s), we may, just sayin’, may have a Wild Turkey or two. Okay, a cheap rose. (can’t do the thing over the E so it ain’t rosaaaaa).

  4. Gentlemen, this is absolutely beautiful. It’s 11:30 pm and I’m sitting in my family room watching one of the most beutiful snowfalls I’ve ever seen. Snow upon snow, coming hard, wet and sticking to everything. I have a grotto behind my room, and it is all snow. The birch tree, covered. it truly is a demonstration of the beauty of the Lord. It looks very heavy, so I figure by tomorrow I’ll have no electric. This is going to cost me business wise, but perhaps it’s worth it. Beautiful, just beautiful.

  5. JohnC wrote:

    Okay, a cheap rose. (can’t do the thing over the E so it ain’t rosaaaaa).

    Sure you can: you produce the é using the ASCII code of [alt][130]. Hold down the [alt] key and type in 130, and it produces é.

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