In honor of John Hitchcock’s now-gone beard

I’m so writer’s blocked it’s not funny, so, when nothing else will come, I’ll cheat and throw in a video:

And, for something completely different, one of my all time favorites, Johann Sebastian Bach, Cantata, BWV 147, Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring:


  1. Now when it comes to Bach, politics goes out the window.

    As an acolyte in my church, an old Episcopal Church in West Philly at 38th and Chestnut, which had a magnificent pipe organ, I became well acquainted with it and our organist Frederick Rowe. One of my duties was to turn pages for the organist, and he played a lot of Bach (and Handel at Christmas), which has stayed with me for my lifetime.

  2. The fugue is extremely fun to play. Like much contrapuntal music, it feels like a conversation between your two hands, in the language of natural finger movements.

  3. Indeed, Dana! That’s a terrific rendition too. The organ console is similar, except our old church organ looked even more complex as I recall. Note that the page turner had some additional responsibility regarding the stops. Everytime I hear this peice it brings back fond memories of a bygone time. Thanks, Dana!!!

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