Why would anyone object to requiring some form of voter security?

Tyrone from Wake Up, Black America, wrote:

    Democrats don’t want voters to verify who they are when voting in National Elections.

    Ask yourselves this question. Why would Democrats in the House vote against a bill that would require “picture” identification when voting in a federal election? Now that you all have asked that question, what do you think the answer is? What is a logical explanation for coming out against showing a photo ID when voting?

Then Tyrone provides the answers; I’d ask you to visit his site and see them!

I’d add one point that Tyrone omitted: our Democratic friends have been complaining loudly that the Republicans have been stealing elections, and will try to steal the next one or two or several. Why is it that our Democratic friends are so concerned about the security of the votes, but so very unconcerned with the security of the voters?


  1. Dead people seldom vote. While investigating massive fraud in the 1994 Gubernatorial election in Maryland, one dead person had cast a vote in my county and it was legal. An ill person in a hospital voted by absentee ballot and died after he mailed it in. “Voting the tombstones” is foolish, as a comparison of public records would provide evidence of vote fraud.

    The technique for wholesale vote theft is a bit more sophisticated. It involves compilation of names of people who no longer live at their current address but who are still listed as registered voters. On election day, votes are cast in their name by partisan loyalsits.

    This process is practical only where one party dominates the precincts and where the ‘minority party’ poll officials are machine partisans whose affiliation is a matter of convenience.

    Such schemes cannot be carried out in most of suburban and rural America where there is true bipartisanship in the polling places. Yet it is a way of life in vote-rich urban America where there is often a thin line between politics and criminality.

    Vote theft remains a valuable tool in the pockets of the Democrat Party. Only they can practice the art and it is their best interest to defeat any effort at reform. Note the animosity is ‘progressive’ circles to requirements that voters have reliable proof of identity as well as to periodic ‘purges’ of inactive voters.

  2. There’s only one reason to oppose the proper identification of voters, and that’s to make it easier for unidentified people to vote.

    Tyrone has pretty much demolished the idiot excuses Dems use to cover for their fraudulent voting scams. Cheating is about the only way left for Dems to win elections these days. They’ve lost the White vote, Blacks are beginning to wake up, Jews see that Dems would abandon Israel to the tender mercies of the Islamofascists, and Hispanics are increasingly identifying with conservative values. All that plus declining birth rates among traditional Dem constituencies and you can hear the death knell.

    So, it’s all up to MSM and the ACLU now. Unless Dems can find a federal judge to thwart the will of Congress and obstruct the ID requirement, they’ll actually have to face the consequences of an honest vote. Now, wouldn’t that be a fine day for the republic, or what?

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  4. Vote fraud on a wholesale basis is more a matter of process than equipment. The touch-screen machines could be rigged, but this would be something that would need to be implemented at a local level and would be practical only where one party controls the process.

    Any dire warning coming from the Kosmonuts and their clones and sycophants about Republicans stealing votes should be taken as either a diversion or an excuse in waiting.

    Always remember that it is Democrats who want to make the process fraud-friendly. Look at the party that is against positive identification of voters, that would hinder purging of inactive names from the roles, and allowing ‘multi-day voting’ in selected precincts. The last game was attempted in Maryland recently but the courts blocked it.

    Vote early and often, it’s the Democrat way.

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