Any Assistance

I’m thinking of redoing the card this weekend.  Please look at the different languages.  If you have one that’s not there, please add in a comment and it will be added.  The background is black velvet.  I have other candle holders and fresh holly with the little read berries.   Also, if you want a copy to print for friends, ask?


  1. The Greek can use a little work. You can say ? ??????????? ?????? or ?? ??? ???? but ???? ?????? sounds stilted.

  2. Stupid comment section does not support Greek fonts. Transliterating, it’s more proper to say Kainourgios Hronos or, alternatively, Neo Etos. They are synonymous but the synonymous noun is choosy about its synonymous adjective.

  3. Nadolig llawen a blwyddyn newydd dda, which is Merry Christmas in Welsh, of course, for the Welsh woman’s daughter. :)

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