Oh, the poor dears!

I’ve pretty much avoided the “CrasherGate” “scandal,” the one where Tareq and Michaele Salahi crashed President Obama’s state dinner for Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Yeah, it was a security breach, and yeah, it could have gotten ugly if the gate crashers had been potential assassins rather than fame-seekers.

But I completely lose sympathy for people like the Salahis parlay their fifteen minutes of fame to go on the Today show and complain that their “lives have been destroyed.” If their “lives have been destroyed,” it’s because they did something wrong.

Donald Douglas excoriates them, and their self-serving, evasive interview on Today. Me, I just think that they are pathetic.

But one thing that really bothers me is that the House Homeland Security Committee is going to launch a congressional investigation of this. What kind of a waste of money is it that Congress should take this up? Don’t our Representatives have something better to do with their time? With a huge, over-a-trillion dollar deficit looming, any waste of money is uncalled for, and this is a waste of money.

The Secret Service will conduct its own internal investigation, figure out what went wrong, and institute whatever changes are required. They are thoroughly professional, and non-partisan; they don’t care whether the Presidenmt is a Republican or Democrat, or whether the Salahis are Palestinian sympathizers, or anything along those lines. They simply care about doing their jobs.


  1. This is getting stranger by the day. Did they, or did they not have invites? Seems like two stories here. Then were they, or were they not brought in with someone else? Where was the WH Protocol Officer to say they were or were not invited? How did someone with Palestinian and Hamas ties get through security? What was NBC’s BRAVO Channel involved? Other that the magnetometer, were they searched for carbon fibered weapons? How did they get close to BO, and the Indian PM? Why was BO at one of the Sahali Polo Matches? Is the a connection to the Black Eyed Peas? There are too many unanswered questions. Questions that need to be directed at the WH, and the Secret Service. Was the switch of the SS from Treasury to Homeland Security a wise thing?

  2. Nobody gets into the WH without either a formal invite or someone on the inside giving the OK. It was NOT a security breach at all. World Net Daily has some interesting research into this “incident” and, just like following the money– you can follow the political ties and see that this was no slip up and I’m going to be interested to see who takes the fall on this one. Mark my words… It will NOT be the Salahi’s. They were protected on the way in, and they will be protected on the way out as well. I haven’t decided whether to write on my blog about it yet or not, but I’ll likely just let this one go. I think it’s just a distraction from the HealthCare fiasco anyway.

  3. PeopleSaveAmerica:
    I think it’s just a distraction from the HealthCare fiasco anyway.

    Maybe this and Afghanistan are both a diversion.

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