Politically Incorrect Humor

This is a story my daughter told me (and she’s politically incorrect):

I was sweeping the office and 2LT [redacted] told me that I was doing an outstanding job and that I was going to do great at my future career of being a housewife. I said “why thank you sir, but I’m wearing shoes.” Then I told him the 2 black eyes joke:

What do ya tell a woman with 2 black eyes?
Nothing, you already told her twice.

That’s Laura, and I’m proud of her.
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  1. “…give you grief ….”, no, not I, because I think 2LT [redacted] had his nerve to say what he said, and the “two black eye” ditty is apt. My only gripe is that the 2LT’s name should not have been redacted.

  2. I pulled this one on my mom-in-law while she was here over Thanksgiving…

    We were cleaning up the after-feast mess and she was filling the dishwasher. I was telling her how the control board had burned up a few months ago and it took 2 weeks before the repair guy could get it fixed. I asked her if she knew what to do when the dishwasher quits working. She didn’t know, so I told her…”Slap her and tell her to get back to work.” We had a good laugh.

  3. Those of us who have seen a picture of now Sergeant Hitchcock — promotion as of today — understand the “wearing shoes” reference. :)

    SGT Hitchcock shouldn’t have to sweep floor any more; she’ll just grab a fuzzy private, and hand him the broom.

  4. OMG, that was funny! Of course, the young Sgt. Hitchcock quite obviously will never have two black eyes…she knows how to call the repairman if her dishwasher breaks down. :)

  5. For the record, I don’t know the SGT… I mean the person… I don’t know the person who just wrote that sexist remark. And I hereby denounce that person who goes by the moniker “Laura”. (Love ya, SGT)

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