Draft Dick Cheney in 2012!

I’m pretty sure that he’d make a poor candidate, but I think he’d make a great President! I supported Mr Cheney’s short-lived campaign in 1996 — he never even made it to the February 12th Iowa caucuses — because of his good, solid work as Secretary of Defense under the elder President Bush.

Posted: November 27th, 2009 02:50 PM ET
A new group wants Dick Cheney to challenge President Obama in 2012.

A new group wants Dick Cheney to challenge President Obama in 2012.

Washington (CNN) – A new group wants former Vice President Dick Cheney back in the White House.

The organization – “Draft Dick Cheney 2012” – launched on Friday, and unveiled their new Web site. Their aim: To convince the former vice president to seek the Republican presidential nomination in the next race for the White House. But there may be a major roadblock to the group’s pitch – Cheney himself.

“The 2012 race for the Republican nomination for President will be about much more then who will be the party’s standard bearer against Barack Obama, the race is about the heart and soul of the GOP,” said Christopher Barron, one of the organizers of the Draft Cheney movement. “There is only one person in our party with the experience, political courage and unwavering commitment to the values that made our party strong – and that person is Dick Cheney.”

The former vice president has been a frequent outspoken critic of the Obama administration’s security policy. He recently suggested that Obama was “dithering” over deciding on adding more U.S. troops to Afghanistan. National polls suggest that the former vice president remains popular among conservatives and Republicans.

Does Cheney want to run for the White House? He was quite blunt earlier this month about whether he had any desire make a bid for the presidency in the next election. At an event in Houston for Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, who’s running for Texas governor, Hutchison was joined by Cheney, who endorsed her bid against fellow Republican incumbent Rick Perry. During the rally, Hutchison yelled out to the crowd “Cheney 2012!” and some one in the audience quickly responded “We need you, Dick!”

Cheney’s response: “Not a chance.”

Barron says the group hopes to follow up Friday’s Web launch with a more formal structure, which will include building a database and reaching out through social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Barron adds that there is no budget set yet, and that the effort is grassroots at this point. He says the group plans on targeting tea party events and plans on building grassroots chapters in key early presidential caucus and primary states including Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.

–CNN’s Paul Steinhauser contributed to this report

Of course, I wonder how much of this effort is really dedicated to making money:

You can buy all sorts of cool stuff there, including this really cool Draft Dick Cheney 2012 bumper sticker:

Draft Dick Cheney in 2012 mousepads are also available, and I wouldn’t mind having one of those.

But former Vice President Cheney will be 71 years old come 2012, and he’s already had five previous heart attacks. Even if the race was even-up between President Obama and Mr Cheney, he’d lose because there are just a certain number of people who wouldn’t vote for a presidential candidate with his health concerns.

Of course, I have to wonder how serious the site is: they got Mr Cheney’s birthday (January 30, 1941) wrong, listing it in the right hand sidebar as a possibly wishful thinking January 20th! :)


  1. Dana Pico:
    I do wonder: who as the next President would infuriate our friends on the left the most, Dick Cheney, Sarah Palin or Jeb Bush? :-)

    1. Sarah Palin
    2. Dick Cheney,
    3. Jeb Bush?

  2. Actually, we on the left welcome them as candidates, because the average American sees each of them as some combination of clueless, evil, and destructive, and will rightly flee from them.
    Then, during the elections, we’ll have our choice of good politicians. I’m thinking Kucinich or Grayson. (The right wing bloviators have shot their wad in regards to Obama as the most leftist, lefty-left guy. They can’t say anything else about real liberals.)

  3. Hold on a minute, let VP Cheney get a heart transplant, recover, and announce he’s willing to run, then we can talk. But, I do admit a Cheney/Palin ticket would sure bring the election into sharp focus.

    The ticket’s most delicious aspect would be watching the moonbats go apoplectic. They’d be running in circles, frothing at the mouth, nipping and snapping, howling at the moon, and chewing the ears off each other. Why, there’s not enough antacid in North America to last them through the nominating conventions.

    It’ll never happen though. I’m waiting to see who the Jurassic media picks for us this time. They’d go with McCain again if they could. A proven performer.

    Romney is out, Newt is out, Jindal is out, Jeb Bush knows better. Tim of Minnesota might come on late, but he’s a long shot. So far it’s Sarah Palin and some other guy.

    It really doesn’t who the GOP runs, Obama is a dead duck, my sister could win against that incompetent crooked ignoramus.

  4. I’m with ropelight, just watching heads explode would be delicious! It’s almost too easy… No matter, while Mr. Cheney may not wish to run again, and wisely so perhaps, there is always his daughter, Liz Cheney, who is definitely someone to keep an eye on for the future.

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