More hypocrisy: another politician who urged higher taxes didn’t pay all of his own

Well, how ’bout this? It seems that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-CA) hasn’t been paying all of his taxes!  From DRJ of Patterico’s Pontifications:

IRS Files Tax Lien Against Schwarzenegger

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The LA Times reports has obtained a copy of an IRS tax lien filed for $79,064 against Schwarzenegger for unpaid 2004-2005 tax penalties:

“Public records show the lien was filed May 11 at the Los Angeles County recorder’s office for $79,064, according to a record in an electronic database that includes lien filings. The record lists the debtor as Arnold Schwarzenegger and the address as the governor’s home address in Brentwood.

The lien was reported Friday by, which posted a copy of a lien document that says it is from the county recorder’s office. That document shows that Schwarzenegger owes $39,047.20 from 2004 and $40,016.80 from 2005.

The document also lists a section of the IRS code that suggests the debt may be penalties for a failure to report certain business transactions.”

The Governor’s spokesman says it’s a “a minor paperwork tracking discrepancy” that will be quickly cleared up with no penalty. He also claimed it is “completely unrelated to the payment of taxes, which the governor has paid in full and on time.”

Really? The tax lien was reportedly filed in May 2009, so that’s not quick in my book. It appears to cover unpaid 2004-2005 penalties levied pursuant to IRS Code Section 6721 (”a payor may be subject to a penalty for failure to file a complete and correct information return with the Internal Revenue Service”). The last time I looked, tax penalties were still part of the tax system.

Granted, this may not be a big deal to the Governor but it would be to most people.

I don’t live in the Pyrite State, but it’s a big deal to me, certainly enough. The Governator has just joined the ever-lengthening list of politicians who advocate higher taxes, but haven’t even paid all of their own:

California Gov. Schwarzenegger urges budget changes coming on May ballot

San Francisco Business Times – by Eric Young, Thursday, March 12, 2009

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger started a campaign Thursday to drum up voter support for a series of budget-related propositions he wants to pass in May.

Speaking in San Francisco to the Commonwealth Club, the Republican governor said the six propositions on the May 19 ballot will help bring an end to drawn-out budget battles and the state’s history of boom-and-bust revenue cycles.

“A ‘yes’ vote gives more stability to schools and law enforcement and health care,” he said to an audience of more than 100 people. “A ‘yes’ vote puts our great state back on the path to prosperity.”

Voters will be asked to approve six propositions designed to put the state’s budget — which was passed by lawmakers last month after a weeks-long impasse — into action. The six measures include a cap on spending, creating a “rainy day” fund and diverting some money meant for mental health services to other programs.

If voters don’t approve the six separate propositions, the state’s budget could fall short by as much as $6 billion, creating another budget mess.

Remember former Senator Tom Daschle, once the Senate Majority Leader? President Obama nominated him to become Secretary of Health and Human Services, but he was forced to withdraw when it was discovered that he had failed to report and pay taxes on corporate-provided driver and limousine services, on $83,333 that he earned as a consultant to InterMedia Partners in 2007, and that he had improperly taken some $14,963 in charitable deductions for gifts to organizations which did not meet IRS criteria for deductability. In Congress, Mr Daschle made a career out of supporting higher taxes, and opposing proposed tax cuts.

Well, at least Mr Daschle withdrew, which was more than Tim Geithner did. Mr Geithner had a host of tax problems, which he knew about, yet accepted President Obama’s nomination to become Secretary of the Treasury.

Barack Obama promised tax cuts for the vast majority of Americans when he was running for president, but, come last August, Secretary Geithner was one of the officials the President sent out to say, wait a minute, maybe my tax cut promises were no good:

2 officials won’t rule out tax hike

Obama’s treasury chief and top economic adviser address budget and health-care funding.
By Philip Elliott, Associated Press

WASHINGTON – President Obama’s treasury secretary said yesterday that he cannot rule out higher taxes to help tame an exploding budget deficit, and his chief economic adviser would not dismiss raising them on middle-class Americans as part of a health-care overhaul.

As the White House sought to balance campaign rhetoric with governing, officials appeared willing to extend unemployment benefits. With former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan saying he is “pretty sure we’ve already seen the bottom” of the recession, Obama aides sought to defend the economic stimulus and calm a jittery public.

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and National Economic Council director Larry Summers both sidestepped questions on Obama’s intentions about taxes. Geithner said the White House was not ready to rule out a tax hike to lower the federal deficit; Summers said Obama’s proposed health-care overhaul needs funding from somewhere.

“There is a lot that can happen over time,” Summers said, adding that the administration believes “it is never a good idea to absolutely rule things out, no matter what.”

During his presidential campaign, Obama repeatedly vowed “you will not see any of your taxes increase one single dime.” But the simple reality remains that his ambitious overhaul of how Americans receive health care – promised without increasing the federal deficit – must be paid for.

“If we want an economy that’s going to grow in the future, people have to understand we have to bring those deficits down. And it’s going to be difficult, hard for us to do. And the path to that is through health-care reform,” Geithner said. “We’re not at the point yet where we’re going to make a judgment about what it’s going to take.”

There’s just something tiring, and depressing, about all of the elites who tell us that, sorry, but you’re going to have to pay more in taxes, who have advocated higher taxes, and then we find out that they haven’t paid all of the taxes that they owe.

The Governator lists himself as a Republican, though he certainly hasn’t governed like one. But being a Republican doesn’t make his hypocrisy on taxes any better. Really, it makes it even worse.


  1. We know most of the politicians, there may be one or two statesmen left, are hypocritical. It just comes down to, as a friend of mine says, which one will steal the least. If we’re looking for Mr. Smith Going To Washington, well, Mr. Smith Vaporized and doesn’t exist anymore.

  2. If Mr Smith has been vaporized, perhaps it’s because there’s really no penalty for cheating on your taxes if you’re a big guy. For the Governator, the amount is inconsequential; he could easily pay it, and the penalties as well.

    Now, if there were actual jail time involved, maybe things would be different. If a multimillionaire like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Timothy Geithner or Tom Daschle had to actually go to jail for this crap, maybe they’d “be more careful” with their taxes.

  3. Don’t cry for Mr Smith, he’s been reincarnated, he’s now called Mrs Sarah Palin and she’s on her way to Washington DC, there’s a big job waiting for her the American people want to help her handle for them.

    The Jurassic media can’t stop her. They did their best to smash her down, trash her family, call her names, tie her up in phony legal squabbles, but all they did was make her stronger. Draw the comparison in sharp relief.

    The majority of Americans see Palin, see the reality of her life, her values, her patriotism, and they see a women they admire. Actually, what they see is someone very much like an ideal image of how they would like to see themselves. It’s flattering, it’s compelling, and it’s right in front of us in living color. History, right here, right now. Don’t you want to be a part of it?

    Americans also see Palin’s detractors, and they don’t like what they see and hear. The hate they direct against her, their envy, the small-minded pitiful poverty of their obsession with destroying this good and loving women. Americans see quite clearly the enormous Army of vicious attackers arrayed against a single individual, a women, a mother, and they draw the obvious conclusions in stark terms of good and evil. How could they not?

    Americans are demonstrating their loyalty, buying Palin’s book, getting in line, waiting in the snow to see her, to be able to tell their grandchildren they met Sarah Palin, spoke to her, and bought an autographed copy of her book. Palin’s got the Right Stuff, and everyone wants to touch the flame, feel the heat, be part of the magic.

    Sarah Palin’s odyssey is the true story of an American woman who comes from the wilds of Alaska, goes up against the powerful, entrenched, corrupt elitists, and shows the American people how to stand beside her and win back their dignity, their pride, their freedom, and the future of representative government.

    Palin is the archetypal American underdog, an ordinary individual made extraordinary by her struggle to make the American Dream a real possibility again for all of us willing to work for it.

  4. Let’s all pity poor Sarah Palin, an attractive lady who can give a rousing speech, but who also has great trouble distinguishing between facts and fictions, as has been demonstrated over and over again. Ask John McCain about that!

    I guess certain folks on the right need a political savior, so Palin has been selected and she has responded by stepping up with her book and lots of publicity, both pro and con. Let’s just wait and see what develops. I predict that no more than 10% of the voters will ever really take her seriously.

  5. Sweeping accusations with no evidence. Citations, Perry, give citations for your sweeping accusations. And then to suggest asking a left-of-center DIABLO about things? Are you serious? And your prediction is full-on partisan with no basis in fact.

    But I want we demand documented proof of your sweeping accusations. Because you’re pulling that stuff out of your nether regions.

  6. Perry wrote:

    I predict that no more than 10% of the voters will ever really take her seriously.

    Forty-six percent of the voters took her seriously enough to vote for her last November.

  7. My biggest complaint with former Governor Palin is that she is former Governor Palin. To be a credible presidential candidate, she needed to go into 2012 with a solid five year record as a good, successful governor. By resigning, she blew that one.

  8. You got it backwards Perry, it’s Sarah Palin who pities you. You have eyes but refuse to see. Your prejudice blinds you, and your ego won’t let you leave it alone.

    I predict there isn’t a 10% possibility you can keep from revealing how closely you fit the description in my 4th paragraph above.

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