Donviti resigns from is fired by the Delaware Liberal

I’m a bit late getting to this particular story, and admit that I don’t know all of the details, but our good friend Donviti is parting ways with the rest of the Delaware Liberals:

Moving On.

By Delaware Dem

Well, never say that Delaware Liberal is hiding its dirty laundry. We have to air it out here. It is undeniable that there is friction between Donviti and a number of other members of this blog. It comes from personality conflicts, not substantive political differences, even though our conservative and Libertarian friends will undoubtedly say otherwise. Jason invited Donviti onto this blog precisely because he was an independent minded independent liberal who would keep it real. Not to mention he was a good writer. I don’t think any one of us here agrees with anyone about anything. We all write about what we want to write about, and if get into debates or disagreements with each other, so much the better.

And Donviti was free to write anything he wanted to write about whenever he wanted to write about it. Whether it be his personal stories involving the problems with his ex wife to his current struggles with alcohol to his frustrations with Democrats in Congress, the Delaware Way, or President Obama. And he knows that is true since the last Delaware Liberal blow up you all witnessed was all about making sure Donviti could say what he wanted to say. And in case you did not notice, it was Donviti that stayed then, and said what he wanted to say without any censorship from anyone.

To use a cliché, there is no “I” in team. Even though we post on this blog as individuals, we are also a team. A group blog is a team, where we all have to work together. The interpersonal conflicts between Donviti and others here have made it impossible to function as a team, and like any business or group venture, something has to change.

Whenever a cabinet member resigns, the speculation quickly starts: did he jump, or was he pushed? From DD’s article, as well as this comment, it sounds to me like Donviti was pushed, but I’m not privy to their discussions.

OK, I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t think much of Mr Viti’s political positions, but he was funny at times. His laments about the first Mrs Viti could be over the top, and I suggested to him once that publishing that stuff might work out to his disadvantage. That he has “current struggles with alcohol” I wouldn’t have known had DD not specified it in the dissolution article, but I certainly haven’t read everything on the DL site. Mr Viti addressed it — somewhat — here.

Here on CSPT, we have a variety of main writers, and while we have some disagreements on a few things, they aren’t anything like what apparently arose between Mr Viti and the rest of his now former compatriots.

Well, the best of luck to Donviti, wherever he winds up blogging!


  1. “Well, the best of luck to Donviti, wherever he winds up blogging!”

    Which could very well be Steve Newton’s blog, Delaware Libertarian, right here.

    You might consider adding Steve’s blog to your blog roll, as he has some of the most interesting, intelligent, well researched, articulate presentations that I have ever seen in the blogosphere.

    I also wish Donviti the best for the future. I’m pretty sure we will be hearing from him soon.

  2. I’m like Bin laden. It’s ok to support me when you want me to go after your enemy….

    woohooo. Bin laden with an alcohol problem apparently. I can say one thing, for people that want to take the high road, they can’t. I know I can’t, but that entire problem is that they don’t realize they are partisan. Just the other side is

  3. Donviti wrote:

    I was fired, I did not resign. I was “voted” out by the remaining contributors. fyi…

    He also posted the same comment on a different thread, to which Yorkshire replied:

    So much for the First Amendment there. Some speech is free, some is freer.

    Donviti’s sin, as nearly as I can ascertain, is that he was not writing as a Democratic Party partisan; he was asking hard questions about President Obama’s failure to keep his campaign promises, from a perspective from the left. In firing a long-time — though not original — contributor for not hewing to the Democratic Party line, it seems as though the Delaware Liberal site might be more aptly named the Delaware Democrat. I just checked, and both and domain names are available! :)

    As for the First Amendment, I take that pretty seriously here, but I also recognize that privately owned websites, such as both the DL and CSPT, are not covered by the First Amendment; that is a restriction on government activity alone. Still, I adhere as closely as possible to the spirit of the First Amendment as possible, and have edited or deleted for comment only three non-spam comments: one, a couple of years ago, which tried to use this site to expose a supposedly closeted homosexual politician (and all that I did was to redact the politician’s name), one which I deleted because it was nothing but profanity, not even attempting to make an actual argument, and one I edited just the other day to remove Art Down’s direct phone number in the hospital. I have edited several others for non-content reasons, such as inserting paragraph breaks to make statements more easily understood, corrected some really bad spellling :) a couple of times, inserted or fixed a few hyperlinks, and have inserted an image a couple of times.

    I have noticed that while this site hasn’t been growing as fast as I would have liked, it is different in one respect: we have a steadier group of the “opposition” point of view than any other political website I’ve ever seen.

  4. You gonna change the headline again now that don has made clear he was fired?

    Hate to say I told ya so, don, but what they did is all-too typical for lefties. Disagree? You must ostracized.

  5. Didn’t you get the memo? Liberal dogma is settled science, there is NO debate, it’s as unquestionable as the Second Coming at a Holy Roller convention. Check it out with anyone at the UN, ACORN, the ACLU, or NBC.

    Now, stop with the silly questions, don’t you know that polar bears are endangered? Besides, there’s no controlling legal authority.

    No, I most certainly did not watch Fox News, and I never-ever fantasized about having kinky sex with any of those Foxy red-hot blond babes. Never, not even once, except of course when they do those pantie shots, which are cynically done to drive horny Progressives mad with forbidden lust, and to exacerbate ratings, and only too clearly are absolutely degrading to real women, like Janet Napolitano or Anita Dunn who keep their privates well covered, thankfully.

    Yes, I do support the public option and I know in my heart it’s not going to raise costs one dime, for Teh One told me so, mumm, mumm, mumm. Now can I get my Cash for Clunkers check?

    PS: Obama did not bribe the Nobel Committee. He was in Copenhagen to get the Olympics for Chicago, not to trade the US Virgin Islands to Norway, like Jimmy Carter peddled away the Panama Canal with lust in his heart.

    [Released from moderation — JH]

  6. Ropelight wrote stuff that was a bit over-the-top for my tastes. Aside from that, there was some good humor there. Just not what I want from the local “Good Humor Wagon” driver.

  7. lol hube, it happens on both sides. The problem is that they are just as partisan as the people they are calling partisan.

    whatever. Best of luck to them

  8. Thanks for your comment John. Sorry it wasn’t up to my usual standards. Was it the part about Holy Rollers, or the pantie quip that you found objectionable?

  9. I’m not a Holy Roller but those who don’t know a Christian from a croissant wouldn’t know the difference. While I didn’t like the “Holy Roller” claim, that was not objectionable. The sexual innuendo was, at least to me.

  10. Well, I’m glad it wasn’t the Holy Roller quip. I think Holy Rollers are much misunderstood. Sorry about the 3rd paragraph. I’ll go easy on the blue innuendo. It seems forced and over-done as I re-read it. I’m really not very good at it. Thanks again for your comments and believe me, I know the difference between Christians and croissants.

  11. To be honest, I quit reading DL back when Jason said Republicans should be rounded up and shot. That was the second time he had advocated violence against political enemies, and it was too much to be tolerated with a “He said he’s sorry” line. Not even the Pandagonistas trade in that crap.

    I occasionally still look at DL but quit commenting, since it was apparent that the DL bloggers were willing to forgive GWB nothing and BO everything, even when he was doing the same thing as GWB. We have a word for that here: democrisy.

    Having said all that, I’m not at all surprised that the DL bloggers would boot another liberal who had the audacity to point out that the emperor has no clothes, which is, quite possibly, the reason that site has become such an echo chamber.

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