Neville was a early deficit hawk who believed that sound money was the key to victory.

Towards his last days in office, he made a big push for building up arms production. Carter did a similar thing when the dim light bulb started to flicker.

Hitler was no military genius and had a mindest stuck in 1918.

One should remember that many of the ‘beautiful people’ in England had vowed never again to fight for King and Country. How better to encourage aggression?

The Hitlerian bluff in re-militarizing the Rhineland could have been crushed by France all along. Grabbing the arms indstry of Czechoslovakia gave a big boost to Nazi warmaking potential.

Yet appeasement was politically advantageous. Churchill was relegated to the back bench and kept away from BBC microphones for fear of irritating ‘Herr Hitler’.

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  1. Sound money, huh? How many Boche did that kill?

    Had Mr Chamberlain done something radical, like formed an alliance with the USSR before Germany did, things would have been very different.

    At any rate, I have a bit more on Mr Chamberlain in the article above.

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