A Brief Poll Comparison, Updated

I showed a comparison in the polls between President GWB and President BHO back in March of this year. As I noted back then, the conglomerate of polls showed they were in the same range despite the glowing praise of BHO and demonization of GWB the MSM, aka state-run media (yes, I do listen to Rush Limbaugh). Looking back at that article and the GWB graph, it is interesting to note BHO is separating himself from GWB.

While GWB stayed in the 55+ range far beyond this time in office, BHO has dropped below. Again, it is very interesting, given GWB’s constant and vigorous negative portrayal in the state-run media and BHO’s constant and vigorous praise.

Just thought you’d be interested.

(and yes, I’m trying to be “back”)
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  1. Perhaps all of the latter-day ‘czars’ (commissar is a more descriptive term) need to be consigned to a virtual house of special purpose.

    Given the outcome of ObamaArrogance that seems likely in 2010, the next Congress might well de-fund any agency that is tied to a so-called ‘czar’. This might cause some temporary shutdowns, but the message should get through.

  2. I was thinking along similar lines, Mr Downs. If this Congress violates the will of the people and votes all this socialist agenda in, the next Congress can omit it from the budget and the socialist executive branch cannot legally shift money to cover it.

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