Obama Troopers

Leader Obama has been known to go off script at times and make some strange statements but his comments re an alternative paramilitary force could be simply a matter of him being stupid or a warning.

He already has access to ‘goon squads’ from thugs in certain corrupt unions where the membership is ignorant of the corruption of the leadership. This includes the SEIU and the LIU. There are the angry activists of ACORN and the gangsters In the New Black Panthers. Some of the ‘old’ Black Panthers got tenured academic posts at some of our trendier universities where a ‘rap sheet’ may serve as an alternative to more formal academic credentials or (positive) real-world accomplishments.

During the early interwar years in Germany, there was heavy street fighting in Germany between the Spartacists and the Freikorps thugs. The latter include a lot of veterans who had access to some heavy weapons. There is no equivalent struggle today in this nation. The Freikorps evolved into the Sturmabteilung, aka ‘Brownshirts’ and ‘Stormtroopers’. These were armed bullies who fought with the police and political opponents (real and perceived) and were part of the left wing on the NSDAP. They were never a force used in warfare. The Army held the SA in contempt as armed and often undisciplined thugs. A formally (and legitimately) empowered Hitler saw them as a potential threat and an eventual purge saw the leadership of the SA murdered and the followers disarmed. A new ‘Alternative Military’ came into being under the leadership of H. Himmler as part of the complex SS. The Waffen SS was an elite military force with a mixed record of heroism and atrocity.

The facial similarities between Himmler and Waxman may only be coincidental.

But what are Leader Obama’s real goals? Has Soros informed him of them?


  1. Well, Phoe, I just read your linked article, and as a father of a soldier, and a friend and acquaintance to many other servicemen, I can tell you that, in my experience, what you linked is a crock of feces.

  2. “When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross” – Sinclair Lewis.

    “The future [of socialism] is a boot smashing a human face” George Orwell

  3. Phoenician in a time of Romans:
    Well Pho, I was in the military for six years and worked for them for over 30 years. If it’s there, it is super hidden.


    So you support Islamic Terrorism, what’s your point?

  4. When communists used the facade of ‘Progressives’ they defined their enemies as ‘fascists’. This was a clever ploy when real fascism was on the march and the only viable alternative seemed to be the ‘Progressives’.

    Then came a pact between Germany and the USSR and suddenly England and France were deemed the troublemakers and enemies of peace. This alliance split with Operation Barrbarossa.

    The pact between Hitler and Stalin opened a lot of eyes on the American left and the first ‘NeoCons’ were created. John Dewey’s “Commission of Inquiry’ looked into the purge trials.

    Some novelists never escaped their self-created prison of ‘proletarian chic’ and saw any hostility to collectivism as ‘fascistic’.

  5. Riiiiiiight.
    So you support Islamic Terrorism, what’s your point?

    Interesting quote from that article:

    Trying to convert Muslims to any other faith is a crime in Afghanistan.

    I don’t hear the Left complaining about this kind of religious intolerance. It’s interesting that the only religion they seem to have a problem with is Christianity. Islam gets a complete pass.

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