You Bet Your Life

I am no prude when it comes to gambling. I have been to the track once and placed a few bets at the $2 window and came out ahead. I played poker a few times and sometimes participate in the lottery pool at work. The latter activity allows us to fantasize about who would get trampled in the exodus.

I remember the pictures of the vice cops breaking down the door of some gambling den. The numbers racket was deemed to be evil. Then the government got into the game (with taxes and lousier odds) and it somehow was ‘OK to Play!’. One could use the same slogan for a Government-run whorehouse.

Now we see expanded gambling being suggested as a fiscal panacea. Yet with an economic downturn, many of those with less disposable income may cut back on recreational gambling, So who will be left to play? Gambling addicts or those who are looking for easy money and hope that God will bless their bets ahead of all others? More candidates for public assistance?

As more states expand their gambling, a cannibalization process will reduce revenues as people decline to cross state lines and burn gas when they can throw their money around closer to home.

Sports gambling, now legalized in Delaware, has long been linked to corruption. Horse racing was an early target of crooks and the Black Sox Scandal will never be forgotten. There has been ‘point shaving’ and even a Grand Prix fixing incident when the result of finish was linked to a lottery.


  1. It appears as if the Federal Court has put an obstacle in the path of ‘sports betting’.

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