Contrived Anger?

There was contrived anger over the dismissal of some political appointees from their jobs as United States Attorneys. Such persons serve at the pleasure of the President and typically all are replaced at a change of party at the White House.

Those dumped were not Democrat appointees but Bush appointees who allegedly were doing a poor job. Had their dismissal been prompted by investigation of Republicans with their hand in the cookie jar, there would have been a reason for outrage.

The latest whining from the Left is that they were fired because they were not helping Republicans to ‘win elections’. There is a grain of truth in this in that they seemed to be lax in prosecuting vote fraud cases. Wholesale vote fraud is currently a Democrat monopoly since only one party currently has the resources to engage in such criminal activity.

Note that a thug-hugger runs the Obama ‘Justice Department’.


  1. You, Art, are only displaying your ignorance. You obviously have not researched it, at all. Researching both sides of an issue prevents one from looking so foolish.

  2. Ahh, I sneak in for a rare visit and I see blubonnet prattling on again about things far too deep for her little brain. And her admonition to research both sides, that is the height of hilarity with her permanent flights of fantasy.

  3. John Hitchcock, I see that you did not come on here to discuss or debate, rather to spread around some ad hominem silliness. Pathetic!

  4. You, poor John Hitchcock, actually know very little about Karl Rove apparently. You are oblivious regarding his infamous slimy amoral reptilian tactics. If you have the attention span and honest interest in obtaining knowledge, maybe you can take in this documentary. I doubt you have the objective capacity, nor the interest in waking up, but if you care to, this documentary will begin to clue you in. If you are not up to the task, then maybe others with more astute discernment can, and will pass it on.

  5. When a local politico got in trouble for what appeared to be a $2 million bribe (the other excuses would involve fraud or tax evasion) she blamed Karl Rove for her problems.

    The whole mess started with a squabble among Democrat factions and Republicans should take delight in such battles.

    The lass did get convicted of a felony but got off with a few hours in jail that followed her arrest. Thank a senile retired judge who was an LBJ appointee for this travesty.

  6. David Iglesias was doing a lackluster job of dealing with vote fraud and corruption.

    There was bipartisan (and media) demand for action while Iglesias dragged his feet.

    This was part of a pattern of prosecutorial lethargy that made dumping of a person who served at the pleasure of the President appropriate if not a bit overdue.

    Had this person been dumped for investigating some Republican officeholder, there would have been some justification for outrage.

    Support for Iglesias is trendy in some circles but his initial selection was a bad choice.

  7. Art, obviously, you are still not up on the facts. Research it yourself. Oddly, you speak derisively when sources are brought your way, and the extent of the story, is long, and you only buy into the GOP mafioso version. Did you watch the documentary? No, I didn’t think so.

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