1. Empathy from this quarter.

    We had to put another feline down yesterday. He was the litter mate of my beloved White Whiskers and lacked his charm. He was a grouchy kitten and never got much better.

    The two were the survivors of a litter of seven premature orphans that never nursed from their mother. Had three survived, Oliver would have probably found another home but the two survivors seemed to be bookends that should remain a pair. He and White Whiskers got along quite well but Oliver and Blay loathed each other and had to be kept apart. Blay had breast cancer and seemed to do well after surgery two years ago but she went into a rapid decline earlier this year and the prognosis was not good. Oliver lost about half of his weight in a two week period and extensive diagnostic tests revealed kidney failure.

  2. We had a little white rabbit named Doobie. He would jump up and sit on my shoulder while working on the puter. Fun little guy.

  3. nk: I was always able to get a “Da-ad!” just by using the word “hosenpheffer.” PFC Pico and I always insisted that the bunny’s name was Muffy, because she’d have made such a soft, warm pair of earmuffs. The younger Miss Pico was not amused.

  4. Ralph was given an appropriate burial at sea river this morning.

    I guess he was too big to give a proper burial at sea (i.e., flushed down the commode) they way you would a goldfish.

  5. As my gravitar shows, I’m a bunny lover. Have had several over the years, and currently have one named Cinnabun. She’s not the friendliest bunny we’ve had; in fact, she’s the most timid and has never really warmed up to me or any of us very much. The last rabbit we owned was named Cotton (all white) and called BunBun and he was the friendliest, most personable rabbit I’ve ever had. I miss him very much.

    We’ve always joked about “rabbit season, duck season,” rabbit stew and whether or not the current rabbit is big enough to make a nice pair of gloves yet. The kidlets never seem as amused by these jokes as we are.

    Condolences to your daughter and to the rest of your family on the lost of a beloved pet.

  6. nk: I was always able to get a “Da-ad!” just by using the word “hosenpheffer.”

    How did the bunny react?

    In the epic film “Young Frankenstein” the uttering of the name “Blucher” would get the horses going. It had nothing to do with Frau Blucher but the English translation of the word: Glue.

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