1. Mr Hitchcock: We had about two minutes of a hail storm about an hour ago; does that count?

    Heck, it was over so fast, I couldn’t even blame Al Gort.

  2. Carpentry and I are not talking to each other today. I was building a simple, and completely optional, face frame for some shelves I installed in the batch office at work, had it assembled and was finishing sanding it, when the wood split on the top rail; too much tension from the pocket screws, I guess. :(

    So then I went and finished my taxes.

  3. Well, last night, we had a lightning storm with a little bit of rain, but the climate has gone so algore that I never heard a single thunderclap. It’s terrible. We all need to go back to wet flint and soggy straw before we bake for 30 min a pound at 350 degrees or something.

  4. I scooped six inches of wet snow off of the deck when I got back home this afternoon so I don’t want to hear any sob stories.

  5. Poplar, actually, which is a very stable hardwood. The shelves at work are pine, with two coats of polyurethane, but I had some scrap poplar 1 x 4s at home, and thought I’d get creative. Oh, well!

  6. We actually had snow flurries yesterday morning, which was amazing since it was in the 70s Friday…

  7. I understand that the panhandle got dumped on? I don’t know if that’s rare or not but I guess they got a lot of the white stuff.

  8. Not necessarily rare in the panhandle, but it was sort of odd for DFW, especially with it being so warm just the day before.

  9. I’ve been in Wyoming in May before and seen snow so I suppose it’s not unbelievable. My only understanding of Texas is glamorous DFW and Houston. In fact, not even Houston but Humble, Deerbrook and all those other little towns out in the Houston suburban asteroid belt. I have a brother who lives out in that hellscape and I know from experience that if there’s even a remote chance of inclement cold weather they shut the entire city down for days.

  10. I’ve long suspicioned that there’s several kinds of wood that’s marketed as “poplar”. I’ve never used it for anything other than hobby projects.

  11. nk, I love poplar. It’s (normally) very stable, and takes paint extremely well. Though most people think you can’t stain poplar, I have, and very successfully. My bathroom medicine chest is poplar, with red mahogany stain and three coats of polyurethane. You just have to be careful with the green streaks that poplar can have, making sure that they are on the inside of something you’re staining.

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