The Charity Rip

I just got a call soliciting money for AmVets. I was getting the usual speil when I asked this silly ass question. Out of every dollar you get, how much goes to the AmVets organization? The answer I got was $0.23. So I asked if the other $0.77 went to overhead? I was told it was for building rent, phones, admin stuff. In real language it was overhead. So I said sorry I only give to charities that are around 10% overhead, not 77%, and hung up. So ask that question. They are required to give it to you. If they don’t, assume it’s high.

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  1. How many remember when United Way executive Aramony got sent to the slammer for his rip-offs. He was living high on the hog, flitting around the world on the Concorde and consorting with teen hookers. One wonders what he did with them considering that he was surgically castrated.

    It brings to mind that Frank Sinatra song “High Hopes”……..

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