I hate green paint!

My younger daughter decided that she wanted her room painted — and she selected a Martha Stewart puke green paint. Not only am I hugely offended that we spent our money (or, more accurately, that my wife spent our money) on anything which enriches Miss Stewart, I despise the puke green color. Not only is it on the walls, it is on the freaking ceiling!

But, it’s a teenager’s room, so, despite the fact that I hate the color (and said so), I’m not going to object. I did, unfortunately, have to do some of the painting (meaning: the ceiling) myself: I’m 6′ 2″ tall, where Mrs Pico is 5′ tall.

Mrs Pico is working today, and I had to put the second coat (of a paint guaranteed to cover in one coat) on the ceiling. That’s done now, and my torment is over.


My younger daughter told me that Mrs Pico likes the color, and wants to use it on the living room! I stressed to my daughter to tell Mrs Pico that her husband would be upset, very upset, if he came home one day and found that she had started painting the living room walls this puke green.

Have I mentioned yet that I hate green paint?


  1. Don’t be upset, my daughter’s is Black with Red window frames. We’ve declared the room off limits to save our minds.

  2. Don’t be upset, my daughter’s is Black with Red window frames.

    Does she have a portrait of the late Kaiser Bill in her room? It would go with those colors.

  3. Kevin, one of my friends from work, when told about the green room, informed me that his son’s bedroom was painted Green Bay Packers’ green. I asked him if the trim was Packers’ gold, and he just turned and walked away.

    He should be glad that his son isn’t like me, an Oakland Raiders fan!

    Or worse, a Baltimore Ravens fan. Try to imagine a black and purple room.

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