Washington ethics

The guardians of the Public Morals decided to deny a request by Oklahoma Senator Coburn on grounds of ethics. Congress can be a place of great tolerance. When a horny and alcoholic Senator killed young woman and ran from the scene, he remained a celebrity. An impeached Federal Judge could be treated with honor after being elected to the House of Representatives. No action was taken to expel Representative Jefferson after bribe cash was found in his freezer. When Barney Frank was found to have been using his political muscle to fix tickets for a gay roommate who was running an ‘escort service’ from their apartment, there was the mildest of rebukes. Senator Dodd got sweetheart ‘VIP’ loans from a sleazy operator known for predatory practices but close to Bill Clinton. Senator Dodd claimed that he was ignorant of what ‘VIP treatment’ entailed.

Yet the request of Senator Coburn was denied. We might ask what he wanted to do that was so offensive to some of his colleagues. Did he want to sit on the board of some hedge fund? Open a strip club on 14th street? No, the Senator wanted to do some moonlighting.

Unlike many of the hacks who infest Congress, the Senator from Oklahoma had an honorable day job. He has an MD after his name. He wanted to deliver some babies — free of charge — for his patients.

Perhaps he could have done better by claiming to be an abortionist and, after approval, botched every job.


  1. Art, you forever bring up Senator Kennedy, and the infamous incident. You omit his attempts to rescue Mary Jo. You also omit the fact that according to medical examiners, Kennedy had head injuries. If anyone has the fortitude to look for themselves, the FBI files can be perused below. There is an awful lot to look at though, so if you’re going to look, look thoroughly.

  2. Ya know, if a drunk escapes a crash with head injuries while driving and the passenger leaves the scene in a body bag, I have no concern for the well-being of the drunk. In fact, I would prefer the drunk driver leave in the body bag and the passenger leave with head injuries. But that’s just me.

  3. Blu, I’m not sure what you are trying to prove with those two links. the documents to which you linked claimed that Senator Kennedy perjured himself.

    We have no way of knowing whether Senator Kennedy did or did not attempt to rescue Miss Kopeckne. The documents to which you linked stated that Mr Kennedy was uninjured, though he claimed to be in a state of shock, which is certainly possible. But unanswered, to me, is why he waited until the next morning to report the accident, after meeting with and discussing it with people at the party to which he returned. If he had been in teh water, his clothes would have been wet; why did no one at the party call the police?

    It’s obvious that there will never be any punishment — at least, in this life — for Senator Kennedy. Whether there is any in the next is not up to me.

  4. Dana, you only read the beginning. Also, he was not drunk, and was not involved with that woman, but was giving her a ride from a cottage party. He did, according to medical reports have head injuries. Even, if he didn’t handle it as well as he should have, after realizing what the right wing was going to do to him, that is one part of his life. He has done much more good for the country than bad. Of course, leaning right, you’ll disagree. And for God’s sake, it has been 40 years since that incident, and you all are still hanging your hat on it, declaring the “evil” of the left. And you still don’t care that hundreds of thousands of innocent people are now dead or injured beyond repair from an invasion, sold to the US public on what has been proven now to be false pretenses, of which the oil and defense industries became filthy rich…richer, I should say. Why is killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people okay, and making a mistake driving, that sadly killed an innocent woman, awful? Really, where is your logic?

  5. Mary Jo may well have been ‘Kennedy struck’ and was originally one of ‘Bobby’s girls’.

    The Kennedy clan can play up to radical feminists but they have a long record of treating their women as dirt. Pappa Joe had his horny daughter lobotomized and sent off to die in a convent. His Hollywood connection provided him a steady stream of starlets to warm his bed. What a fine example.

    Those of us who spent a lot of time ‘inside the Beltway’ were privy to some of the less-than-charming Kennedy episodes. One involved Teddy and Chris Dodd ‘sandwiching’ a less than enthusiastic female while in their usually boozy state.

  6. The right wing has a steady stream of misinformation, shameless pumped out. So, considering that record, I’m not believing anything you “hear”.

    And John, how much of the report did you read? I don’t believe you read enough to comment.

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