A little book with a warning

James Clavell was a writer of note who made a big splash with Shogun.

He was and Englishman and the son of a Captain in the Royal Navy. He chose the Army and found himself a POW in Asia and endured the well-recorded (but seemingly forgotten) Japanese brutality. He wrote a book on the subject, King Rat.

Given his background, it may come as a surprise that he wrote story set in a future America. It was published in 1980, when the Cold War was real,

It is called The Children’s Story, in which a new day has dawned. A new teacher shows up in class and things change. There will be no more pledge of allegience. Repeating such words seems meaningless. The flag will be cut up to make ornaments. It will be to each according to his needs……..

While the Cold War as we knew it ended with a Soviet whimper rather than a thermonuclear bang, many of those who found ideological direction from Marx and Lenin have found a new (albeit amorphous) center of spiritual gravity. The new Party Line is simply to hate America, its institutions and traditions. These traditions go back far beyond 1776 but are part of a philosophical continuum that includes the Magna Carta and wisdom expressed by some ancient Greeks and assorted Hebrews. These institutions are under attack in academe in the name of multculturalism and the new censorship of political correctness. Revisionist perversions of our Constitution are used to eviscerate its spirit. Trendy glibness often trumps rational debate in an era of instant gratification and sound bites.

We are in a war in which defeat means entry into the darkest of dark ages. A multi-front war on terror is but one theater. There is an active fifth column at home and they are not skulking in shadows but blatantly operating in the public arena, using facades of ‘peace’ and ‘justice’ and ‘liberty’ to gull an electorate intoxicated by the latest version of bread and circus.

Where are the honest men and women?

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  1. Bravo Art, well said. Don’t despair, the honest men and women are here among us going about their lives, working and raising children. But most don’t have the time or inclination to pay as much attention as we do to the events of the day.

    Try as they might, the collectivists will never win over a majority of the American voters. They know it, and that’s why they keep attempting to find ways to fix elections. It’s up to guys like us to keep watch and sound the alarm when totalitarianism attacks our freedoms.

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