Buy Cuban

An excise tax on cigars of 50% would seem to fall hardest on those who enjoy the finer products. I do admit to puffing on a Macanudo on some rare and special occasions.

No longer.

While this ‘sin tax’ may also have the effect of ‘soaking the rich’ and is allegedly ‘for the children’, it may not produce the desired revenue. Cigar smokers tend not to light one off of the end of the other and there is likely a very elastic demand.

As a modest proposal, I suggest that patriotic cigar enthusiasts try to find the better Cuban stogies that have been smuggled into the country. Smuggling may have a negative connotation , but we should never forget that many of our patriotic Founding Fathers found smuggling to be an act of retaliation against a tyrannical government. When protest is profitable, why not?

The ‘smuggling surcharge’ could be less than the new tax. Such a commerce would give Washington an opportunity to show true priorities. Would resources be diverted from narcotics smuggling to slipping in some fine cigars?.

Some might object that such transactions would put money into the hands of a tyrannical socialist regime. But it might be better to subsidize tyrannical socialism on an island 90 miles from our closest shore than to encourage the growth of a similar regime at home.