A Vice President Biden article, just for Elizabeth Miller!

Our frequent commenter Elizabeth Miller, Canadian though she is, is very much a supporter and admirer of Joseph Biden, our Vice President. So, when I saw this brief article on The Democracy Project, I knew that I’d have to reference it for her! :)

Go Joe

Brent Tantillo • March 15, 2009 22:37pm • Uncategorized

I’m no fan of Joe Biden, but’s nice to see someone in the Obama Administration doesn’t take himself too seriously. When one of his Senate colleagues approached him last week at an Amtrak event and said hello, “Mr Vice President,” he responded with a live mic on, “Gimme a f**cking break.” While I don’t necessarily endorse his lack of decorum, I do endorse him not taking himself or the job too seriously.


  1. Dana,

    Well, I don’t mind saying that I darn near fell off my chair! It’s taken me so long to reply because I’m still recovering from the shock and awe of it all. :)

    I’m still shopping around for a new homepage in anticipation of the demise of my beloved New York Times and I’m gonna chalk this ever-so-slightly-pro-Biden piece up to a pretty good first attempt to convince me that it should be CSPT…but, you have a ways to go!

    What I have in mind is something more akin to what David Brooks wrote in the New York Times a while back ( Jan 15, 2006), In Praise of Joe Biden. Brooks offers a defense of Joe Biden and his contributions at the Alito nomination confirmation hearings. You should act quickly, though…you know, before anything to do with the NYTimes disappears into the black holes of the internets.

    By the way…If Brent Tantillo, or anyone else at the esteemed Democracy Project, knew the first thing about Joe Biden then they would, number one…admire him as I do :) and, number two…have known, long before this episode, that self-deprecating humour – a personal trait of all great leaders – is a quality that the Vice President has always had, in spades.

    You better watch out, Dana…I’m gonna have you, and Mr Grey Ghost, converted before too long. Well, Mr Grey Ghost may take a while longer. :)

  2. Yorkshire,

    Surely you are not attempting to equate what Biden said – in any way, shape or form – with the contemptible behavior of the former Vice President!

  3. Elizabeth Miller:

    Surely you are not attempting to equate what Biden said – in any way, shape or form – with the contemptible behavior of the former Vice President

    Well, hmmmmm, ummmmm, ahhhhhhh, Yes!

  4. Yorkshire,

    If I were you, I wouldn’t go around bragging about that. It reflects very poorly on you, I’m very sorry to say.

  5. Well, Yorkie, Biden didn’t direct his epithet directly at a well-respected senator, so yeah, there’s a difference.

    And this just proves that Biden’s got some mad linguistic skills. I mean, I don’t even know how to pronounce that star thingy :)

  6. Leaky Leahy, the teller of State Secrets. That “respected” Senator? The one thrown off of the Intelligence Committee for talking outside the secret room? Yes, well respected. :) Woof!

  7. Jeff,

    ..not you, too! Do you guys really not get what Senator Biden was saying with his remark said in humor to a friend!!!

    You guys can’t possibly be for real!

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