1. Can’t _all_ be Democrats– people are failing to report “$245 billion per year” — as individuals.

    Can you imagine only Democrats could hide this much money? Nah.

    It’s rich people. Until they’re _all_ caught, nobody will know how they are distributed. (Wanta bet?)

    This is paywalled, all I can see is the Abstract, excerpted below briefly. Got a way to check the whole article? Please do.

    Income tax crime and government responses in the United States 1998-2007
    Author(s): H. Wayne Cecil, Raymond L. Placid, Carl Pacini
    Journal: Journal of Financial Crime
    Year: 2009
    Volume:16 Issue:1 Page: 97 – 106
    ISSN: 1359-0790
    DOI: 10.1108/13590790910925000
    Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing Limited

    > Abstract:
    > Purpose – The most recent IRS estimate puts the individual tax gap at
    > $245 billion per year. This study seeks to develop and review
    > performance measures for the seven most important IRS programs
    > aimed at reducing the tax gap. …
    > … There was almost no change in audit rates and increases in other
    > IRS discovery programs. There was a steady decrease in civil penalties
    > for the first seven years followed by increases in latest three years.
    > There were decreases in abatements for most penalties, a dramatic
    > decrease in seizures, and significant increases in liens and levies.
    > There were noteworthy decreases in the number of special agents and
    > criminal investigations. The relatively small number of criminal
    > investigation activities is surprising given the amount of the tax gap.
    > …
    > Originality/value – This study examines all major programs
    > aimed at the individual tax gap.


  2. Some Democrats do pay their taxes. President Obama just doesn’t seem to want to nominate those people to high office.

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