What Is It With Democrats and Taxes? Part 5

Trade nominee Ron Kirk agrees to pay back taxes.

Ron Kirk, nominated as U.S. Trade Representative in the Obama administration, owes an estimated $10,000 in back taxes from earlier in the decade and has agreed to make his payments, the Senate Finance Committee said Monday.

Democrats don’t worry about raising taxes since they don’t pay them.


  1. Can’t _all_ be Democrats– people are failing to report “$245 billion per year” — as individuals.

    Can you imagine only Democrats could hide this much money? Nah.

    It’s rich people. Until they’re _all_ caught, nobody will know how they are distributed. (Wanta bet?)

    This is paywalled, all I can see is the Abstract, excerpted below briefly. Got a way to check the whole article? Please do.

    Income tax crime and government responses in the United States 1998-2007
    Author(s): H. Wayne Cecil, Raymond L. Placid, Carl Pacini
    Journal: Journal of Financial Crime
    Year: 2009
    Volume:16 Issue:1 Page: 97 – 106
    ISSN: 1359-0790
    DOI: 10.1108/13590790910925000
    Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing Limited

    > Abstract:
    > Purpose – The most recent IRS estimate puts the individual tax gap at
    > $245 billion per year. This study seeks to develop and review
    > performance measures for the seven most important IRS programs
    > aimed at reducing the tax gap. …
    > … There was almost no change in audit rates and increases in other
    > IRS discovery programs. There was a steady decrease in civil penalties
    > for the first seven years followed by increases in latest three years.
    > There were decreases in abatements for most penalties, a dramatic
    > decrease in seizures, and significant increases in liens and levies.
    > There were noteworthy decreases in the number of special agents and
    > criminal investigations. The relatively small number of criminal
    > investigation activities is surprising given the amount of the tax gap.
    > …
    > Originality/value – This study examines all major programs
    > aimed at the individual tax gap.


  2. Some Democrats do pay their taxes. President Obama just doesn’t seem to want to nominate those people to high office.

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