Annie Lennox: Insane Liberal of the Week

Annie Lennox

Age: 54

Birthplace: Aberdeen, Scotland:

Claim To Fame: former lead singer of the Eurthymics

Why She’s The Insane Liberal of the Week: for writing about the supposed “pornography of destruction” waged by Israel against the Palestinian civilians of the Gaza Strip. On the verge of tears during a press conference she called with the media a few days after Christmas, Lennox turned on the TV to see that Gaza was in flames and then had the nerve to state: “As a Mother, how is this going to be the solution to peace. There has to be a place where people come to the table.”

Of course, Lennox probably left out that the fact that Israel has taken some 3,000 rocket attacks from Hamas over the past year alone. And that it was Hamas that recently pulled the trigger on civilians when it decided to use them as human shields, deciding that their lives were worth trying to eliminate Israel. Granted I’m no warmonger and Israel certainly shares some of the blame over the years here, but only a clueless, simplistic, leftwing pacifist would try to make this longstanding Gaza war into all Israel’s fault.

As recently as 2005 Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip only to have Hamas terrorists quickly fire rockets indiscriminately into bordering Israeli territory. In 2007, Hamas violently took control from the ruling Fatah party using death and destruction to gain power. Just last year, in June, Israel and Hamas hammered cease-fire brokered by the Egyptian government, but Hamas did what it always does and later re-commenced rocket fire. That said, maybe Annie Lennox should concentrate on her sagging music career instead of talking about issues she clearly doesn’t know a damn thing about.


  1. In 2007, Hamas violently took control from the ruling Fatah party using death and destruction to gain power.

    Palestianian election:

    “Final results show that Hamas won the election, with 74 seats to the ruling-Fatah’s 45, providing Hamas with the majority of the 132 available seats and the ability to form a majority government on their own.”
    “After polls closed, officials and observers called the vote “peaceful”; Edward McMillan-Scott, the British Conservative head of the European Parliament’s monitoring team described the polls as “extremely professional, in line with international standards, free, transparent and without violence”. His colleague, Italian Communist MEP Luisa Morgantini said there was “a very professional attitude, competence and respect for the rules.” [12] All polling stations closed on time (7 p.m.) except for East Jerusalem, where voting was extended by the permitted two extra hours. Hamas protested this extension, claiming it only served Fatah; the Central Elections Committee stated that voting hours were “extended upon the approval of the Israeli authorities due to lengthy queues as a result of obstructions by post office workers.” [13]”


    “The January 2006 legislative elections marked another victory for Hamas, which gained the majority of seats in the first fair and democratic elections held in Palestine,[35] defeating the ruling Fatah party. The “List of Change and Reform”, as Hamas presented itself, obtained 42.9% of the vote and 74 of the 132 seats.[36] Hamas omitted its call for the destruction of Israel from its election manifesto, calling instead for “the establishment of an independent state whose capital is Jerusalem.”[37][38]”
    “On 27 June 2006 Hamas and Fatah reached an agreement which included the forming of a national unity government. On 8 February 2007, Hamas and Fatah signed a deal to end factional warfare that had killed nearly 200 Palestinians and to form a coalition, hoping this would lead Western powers to lift crippling sanctions imposed on the Hamas-led government.[45]
    “In June, renewed fighting broke out between Hamas and Fatah. During a brief civil war Hamas seized control of Gaza and the Palestinian Authority was effectively split in two with Hamas controlling Gaza and Fatah controlling the West Bank. President Mahmoud Abbas dismissed the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority government.[50] According to an article in the magazine Vanity Fair, in the months leading up to June 2007, the United States, with the assistance of Israel, armed and funded militias controlled by Mohammed Dahlan and nominally loyal to Mahmoud Abbas and his Fatah faction, with the intention of overthrowing the Hamas-led government so that it could be replaced with a US-backed “emergency government”. This “secret” plan was reportedly approved by US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and President George W. Bush.[51]”

    Comment on Gaza:

    “The current crisis began in November of 2008 after Ismail Haniyah, political leader of Hamas in Gaza, said that Hamas was willing to accept a Palestinian state within the 1949 armistice lines, and offered Israel “a long-term truce if Israel recognized the Palestinians’ national rights.” As there was no response from Israel, Hamas allowed a six month truce with Israel to expire and began firing crude rockets from Gaza into southern Israeli towns”
    “Hamas has been portrayed as using civilians as “human shields”, resulting in the horrifically high death toll among non-combatants. There are two aspects of this phenomenon. The first is that the Gaza Strip is one of the most densely populated areas on Earth. It is almost impossible to strike any target without causing “collateral damage”. The second is that with no social services provided by Israel, which has controlled both the Gaza Strip and the West Bank since 1967, almost all schools, libraries, orphanages, soup kitchens, and hospitals are run by Hamas. If one targets a “Hamas facility”, a school or hospital is as likely to be struck as a military target.”

    Shorter Gray Ghost: “I’m yet another useful idiot”.

  2. Lennox.
    Just another sniveling moonbat slithering around trying to stay in the lime light.
    Go to Gaza and volunteer to serve as Hamas body armor, ya ugly ole biddy.

    Hmmph, Bubba said that.

  3. We all can have sympathy for the innocents who are in the wrong place at the wrong time, but the Palestinian leadership are to blame for allowing Hamas to continue their assult on Israel. The fact that Iran is supplying these idiots with fresh rockets and arms is the real travesty that goes un-punished. And I can’t help but believe some factions in Egypt are complicit in the transfer of arms.

  4. What Palestinian leadership, Rovin? The main problem is that the Palestinians don’t have a leader worthy of the title. You’re right about Iran, though. And I think it’s more that Egypt doesn’t care, not necessarily that it’s complicit.

  5. I love how “insane liberal” = “anyone who differs from me politically, on any issue”

  6. How Hamas came to power not relevant. The fact that Hamas has been using the Gaza strip as a staging area to attack Israel since taking over is. Israel should not stop until Hamas has been destroyed.

  7. How Hamas came to power not relevant.

    GG’s comment “In 2007, Hamas violently took control from the ruling Fatah party using death and destruction to gain power”

    The reality – Hamas is the democratically elected leadership of the Palestinians, with the Fatah, the US and Israel trying to undermine that legitimacy.

    That *is* relevant. You cannot treat them as mere terrorists and still expect to negotiate anything legitimate with the Palestinians.

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