New Leadership at The Department of Miseducation

Obama demonstrated his partisan stupidity with the choice of Arne Duncan as nominee for head of the Department of Education.

But who is Arne Duncan? He received his indoctrination in Sociology at Harvard and was a professional basketballer for a while. He was tapped by the Daley Mob to be the CEO of the Chicago public school system.

The performance of said school system under Duncan’s watch was about as outstanding as that of Enron or Fannie Mae.

Without specifically blaming Duncan, the Chicago Sun Times has revealed the state of corruption and political favoritism and academic fraud in the Chicago public schools.

There is the coffee scandal. As a new extreme in the gold-plating of the educational rathole, high-end cappuccino/espresso machines were ordered for a number of schools. Perhaps they were intended for use as teaching tooks for kids being trained for fast food jobs. These cost over $2,000 a pop and were not even ordered by the schools. Perhaps staff members cannot read the instruction manuals. In the true ‘Chicago Way’ the machines were ordered from a ‘favored supplier’. Who needs competitive bidding when the taxpayers provide a bottomless pit? Perhaps the machines were really intended as perks for officials (and possibly teachers).

Then there was fraudulent grade inflation for high school students seeking athletic scolarships. Fake trasnscripts were sent to college admissions officers. Academics must play second fiddle to the playing fields. Then again, perhaps the bureaucratic fish was just rotting from the head down.

That was just one example of questionable CPS actions detailed in the inspector general’s 2008 annual report. Others included high school staffers changing grades to pump up transcripts of student athletes and workers at a restricted-enrollment grade school falsifying addresses to get relatives admitted.

This is not the sum of the examples of corruption in the Chicago School system under Arne Duncan but it does give a hint.

His choice for Education Secretary is further proof of the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of the New Leader.


  1. The federal DOE should have never been formed, although it was formed with good intent, and should be eliminated. The problem with public schools is not the lack of government oversight but too much government, politics, non-educational agendas, union counter-productivity. We need to return to the pre-1960 version of public education, where educating the public was the concern.

  2. The federal DOE should have never been formed, although it was formed with good intent, and should be eliminated. John Hitchcock

    Why should Washington micro-mismanage schools by remote control?

    Abolishing the Department of Education might be the first step. Abolishing the NEA and eliminating the degree of Doctor of Education might be good follow up steps.

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