A victim of Berniescam

The JEHT Foundation supports reform of the criminal and juvenile justice systems. Such ‘reforms’ involve printing up of virtual ‘get out of jail free cards’ for people who have become used to beating the system as it is. It was one ‘victim’ of Berniescam. Will a group so blasé when it comes to other crime victims be hard nosed when their ox has been gored? The JEHT Foundation also contributes to groups that want to broaden the franchise and contributes generously to groups helping Democrat machines pack the voting rolls.

Had Bernie been a mugger the Liberals might have been converted.

Experience may have affected my views. I have been several times the victim of a young sociopath whose ‘cure’ might be best applied via a head shot with a frangible bullet. I have long observed the ways in which vicious thugs can repeatedly beat the system. I am thoroughly disgusted with the self-styled ‘do-gooders’ who weep for the thugs and seem to have a perverse enthusiasm for disarming their potential victims. What is the rationale for this nexus?

We see it in the Tides Foundation and the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation. The list could go on and I am already late for my usual departure time to the ‘works’.