Update on Mike Ganzeveld

As most of you know, Mike Ganzeveld of the Iowa Liberal was mugged a couple of weeks ago. He has a broken hand and serious damage to his right eye. Well, he’s going to require eye surgery, and even though he has decent insurance and can handle the deductibles, he’s been out of work due to the injury. He wrote me and said that he may be putting a donation option on Iowa Liberal in the future to help with some of the medical expenses that have been a result of the assault. I promised him that, if he did, I would do what I could to publicize it.

Well, two days after Mike wrote me, his site partner Jeromy Brown has put up the donation article:

The Fix-Mike’s-Retina Donation Post…Extravaganza!

As our loyal readers who hang on our every word know already, a few weeks ago Mike was the victim of a brutal mugging while taking out some cash at an ATM to go Christmas shopping for his family. As I previously noted, this happened in freaking Ft. Dodge, Iowa. Anyway, Mike got his hand broken and in the process of getting his head kicked in damaged his retina, requiring an operation.

As a result, Mike has missed a lot of work and now, even with insurance, faces some hefty bills in order to have this operation to save his sight in that eye.

We know we are a tiny blog with a readership strongly dependent on the people we know, fellow Iowa bloggers and various Republicans we’ve pissed off at some point. Yet we’re hoping that if we can get even 10% of our readership to throw a few bucks Mike’s way, it’ll ease the burden of his health care costs.

There’s a PayPal donation button following that on Jeromy’s article. If you don’t have a PayPal account, don’t worry: it accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Mike and I have had our disagreements in the past — political ones, not personal squabbles — but that doesn’t matter: the man is a friend, yet another one of those I haven’t met, and he needs a hand; were the situation reversed, I know that he’d help Sharon or York or Art or even me.

So I’m asking our too-few readers to stand up and help out Mike.

By the way, Jeromy attached a YouTube of a retinal reattachment surgery — what Mike has to have — which you can watch, but you might not want to watch if you’re eating anything.


  1. Dana stop by and keep me updated on his condition. I am spreading the word as best I can. Tell him we hope he makes a speedy and healthy recovery.

  2. I’ll keep everybody posted as I get the information. I’m not sure when his surgery is scheduled. I appreciate you passing this on on your site.

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