The Worst Case?

The worst-case scenario is the election of Obama and a filibuster-proof Senate.

The result would be an orgy of ‘activism’ that would make the interventionism of the New Deal seem pale by comparison.

Some delaying actions might be fought in courts in the style that was used against elements of the New Deal. Court packing could be a problem.

We would see a drastic cut in our military. Those defense firm lobbyists who were certain that Obama was a patriot would belatedly learn that to Obama and friends, defense spending was seen only as pork, money best spent on programs where termination would come sometime in the early production stage. Building implements to protect the Nation never was a matter to be considered.

A weaker military would encourage terrorist adventurism all over the globe.

A Congressional counterattack in 2010 would be very difficult. A new ‘fairness doctrine’ would stifle free speech and a host of new ‘entitlements’ would create a broader base of political dependency.

Obama is not Jimmy Carter.

The next few days may be our last chance to preserve Liberty as we know it rather than the ‘selective civil libertarianism’ of the ACLU.


  1. I’ve heard people pooh-pooh the idea of the Fairness Doctrine coming back because the Supreme Court will almost certainly declare it unconstitutional. But these things take time to work their way through the court system and that’s a major problem.

    As for cuts in defense, one thing people either don’t remember or don’t think about is the loss of jobs in that sector when the government drastically cuts defense spending. I’m not saying we should keep defense spending high to support those employees, but it is one of those unintended consequences. When Dick Cheney, in his former role as Secretary of Defense under George H.W. Bush decided to take 91% of the defense cuts for 1991 out of my county (in retaliation for Jim Wright’s House leadership, after his fall), it was absolutely devastating to our local economy.

  2. And I’ve heard of many things about which I shouldn’t worry, like the McCain-Feingold Restriction on Speech Act, which was going to be declared unconstitutional, only it wasn’t. (Parts have been invalidated.)

    I would never, ever, count on some court to protect our freedoms.

  3. One of the funniest posts in the history of political blogging. The sky is falling, the barbarians are at the gates, the people with whom I disagree about public policy aren’t just wrong they’re total catastrophe. Which side of the political spectrum is supposed to be the unhinged hysterical one again?

  4. “I would never, ever, count on some court to protect our freedoms.”

    Absolutely. Just look at Heller. We were one vote away from 9 folks in robes declaring a portion of the BOR null and void.

    And yes, Obama is NOT Jimmy Carter. He’s far more dangerous than Carter. He’s effective, cunning, and a very good politician. Oh, and he’s even further left than Carter.

  5. Obama is a hard-line leftist with a lot of friends in low places. No other presidential candidate has had these dangerous attributes. He is very clever and has often used a ‘present’ vote as a means of equivocation. Yet there are dire warning signs that he favors criminals over victims and central planning over the marketplace. While the latter can sometimes result in difficulties, the former always assures widespread misery.

    What brilliance he has exhibited is confined to self-promotion.

  6. Defense programs are seen both as necessary hardware and as pork.

    The most Liberal of the members of Congress may be delighted when money is spent in their district. Need or cost-effectiveness is not considered.

    The attempted Boeing rip-off deal for the next generation USAF tanker is a recent example. We would pay more to lease a second-rate product than to buy the better package. Senator McCain raised hell and in the ensuing investigation, one Boeing exec went to prison. With headquarters in Chicago, Boeing has freinds in Rahm Emmanuel, Barrack Obama, Norm Dicks, and Jim McDermott. Can anyone see these four residents of the far left wing of the Democrat party really care about the defense of the country or are they simply running out the clock so they can grab more pork for their districts?

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