1. Simply beautiful – know what kind of flower it is?

    BTW, on Americablog, they show pictures of orchids sometimes. (Not your taste in politics probably though.)

  2. It’s a crocus. Usually the first blooming flower of spring. Very simple to grow. Buy the bulbs in the Fall, plant, and stand back. After a while the spread out, or if they get pollinized, they’ll grow somewhere else. These have been here for years. A few years ago I had a few poke through the snow to bloom. When this specific yellow one opens, it looks more like a buttercup, but it’s a crocus.

  3. As far as Orchids, they’re fussy to grow. I like the almost look a like Iris. If you have any tall flowers and you want to take a picture at their finest, put a piece of matte black cardboard behind them and shoot them in the shade. It brings out the color of the flower.

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