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Here is an example of the Mason-Dixon stone at mile marker 50. It’s called a Crown stone and only exists every 5 miles. This is the Maryland side. The rest have M’s & P’s on the stones. As I understand it, this is a replacement stone, but it shows what they look like in very good condition. We found Mile 55 and it was in a cage. I guess it tried to escape.

This stone is in great shape. You can see the circle carved around the letter 240+ years ago. The green marker is a US Coast & Geodetic known place on earth.


  1. I pass by the crownstone near the Maryland-Delaware border almost every day. It is along Rt. 454, appropriately called Crownstone Road.

    It is amazing what a great job of surveying was done with instruments available at that time.

    The most ludicrous border in the region is an arc that defines part of the Pennsylvania/Delaware/New Jersey. Just how would a surveyor measure that one?

  2. The Arc is the only perfect arc for a border in the world (I just read the other day. The arc’s center is the courthouse cupola in New Castle. For some crazy reason, the King’s direction on the arc included the Delaware River. Most river borders are split, but Delaware owns the river, but not the Delaware Bay. For Jersy, this has been a major pain in the but and has gone to the supremes for a decision and Jersey lost. The squabble continues with a recent dispute on river use from Jersey. However, above the arc, the border is split in the middle of the river.

    In MD, the same problem exists in the Potomac R. Maryland owns it to the land side in VA. Years ago when slot machines were allowed in the southern counties of MD, tavern owners would build a pier into the river and put slot machines in there. The pier was built to the state line, there would be a break in the structure, and continue into the river. That way the pier was not anchored on shore in VA.

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