Promoting fluff, while ignoring news

Sister Toldjah wrote:

    The bottom line on all this seems to be

  1. that this isn’t new news – except for those who want it to be and
  2. the media continues to get the facts wrong as it relates to the timeline on who said what – and when they said it.

Sis was referring to the:

    ’secure’ (hah!) goverment tape as well as seven days of transcripts obtained by the AP show disaster officials warning the President and Homeland Security head honcho Michael Chertoff about the very serious threat Hurricane Katrina posed to New Orleans.

It ought not be a surprise that the media are going to look for stories they can use to trash President Bush. As Sis noted, Powerline and Wizbang and Patterico and Dafydd ab Hugh all do good jobs explaining why this story is a non-story; I certainly don’t need to try to do it further.

Rather, my question is: why are the media so willing to print this kind of fluff, non-story (as though President Bush could have done anything about the levees a week before the hurricane hit, when the Corps of Engineers were still in the middle of a multi-year study on how to strengthen the levees), but are so steadfastly ignoring the Able Danger story, one which carries huge implications for how we conduct the war against Islamic fascism?

Is Able Danger real, or it some sort of conspiracy theory fantasy? The fact is that we don’t know yet; there is increasing evidence that it is real (the Able Danger blog being the best source for that information), but no one among the so-called mainstream media, other than Keith Phucas (who does a lot of hard work, but is placed at a fairly small newspaper, the Norristown, Pennsylvania Times-Herald,) is trying to find out if it’s real or a whack-job fantasy.

It wasn’t that long ago that journalists (real journalists, a nearly extinct species) would have dug into that story, and let the chips fall where they may. Now it seems that today’s journalists are either too lazy to do the work, or are more concerned with where the chips might fall if they do dig very deeply.

Update: Friday, 3 March 2006 — I wonder how much attention the MSM will give to this?

After all, if it’s somehow Big News that the President was warned that the levees might not hold, wouldn’t it be similarly Big News that the Governess of Louisiana told him they had withstood the hurricane?


  1. Enironmentalist whackoes are the first culprit in this fiasco. They blocked a plan to install flood gates like they have in Holland to block the sea surge from the Gulf into Lake Ponchatraine. These would have been built years ago and in operation. Next, if Noggin thinks he’s been vindicated, he nuttier than ever. Anyone with an IQ above room temperature knew Katrina was bad. But as the story of crying wolf goes, this was about the fifth time in last few years NOLA was going to obliterated. So, Noggin played it like all before. It can’t happen to us.

    Nawlins is built in a swamp. It sits 15 feet below sea level with 300 miles of levees surrounding it, and a few thousand miles of levees in the greater southern LA area. The levee boards were corrupt and little money was spent where appropriated. The levees were never built to the same standard because all the Parishes wanted their style.

    Noggin abdicated his role as leader and so did Blanko. They are so trained as fed animals in the zoo, they expected others to their thinking and work. Another Lib failure. Meanwhile in MS and AL where Republican Governors run the states, the didn’t cry.

    And the news, as usual, got it all wrong again. The NHC said Overtop, not Breach. They’re different. And the storm moved east and took the worst case scenario moved with it. However, an error on a drawing caused all the problems.

  2. Wow, oblivion prevails among the righties. You guys actually think the media is liberal. Frightening lack of awareness among the right wing. Controlled perspective is where your mind is corralled. Sad for democracy. Corporatocracy rules. Keeping the population ignorant, at least the MSM followers. You have no idea what the administration actually gets away with and isn’t reported by the MSM. Try going to “Democracy Now” web site. Get a clue. I doubt you will.

  3. Blu, you’re much more of a conspiracy theorist than I am; why would you think that the media wouldn’t pursue Able Danger but spends time and money on non-stories like the one above?

  4. Blaming of ‘corporate Americal’ for all of our woes is an echo of noise made by the folks who blamed ‘the merchants of death’ and ‘international bankers’ for World War I.

    The angry and mindless (aka moonbats) traditionally wrap themselves in slogans and buy into pre-packaged theory.

    Anyone for re-visitung ‘The Protocols’?

  5. Blu says:
    “You have no idea what the administration actually gets away with and isn’t reported by the MSM”.

    The headline for the mock news story: “Bush Fails to Prevent East Coast Blizzard.” The story details Democratic demands for an investigation and the president’s impeachment over “Snowgate.”

    You better check this one out too Blu,,,,,,,,,,,,

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