An unfortunately empty promise

    McCain says a simple ‘no’ to raising taxes
    Presidential hopeful previously stunned GOP by suggesting the opposite

    WASHINGTON – After upsetting some conservatives by signaling an openness to higher payroll taxes for Social Security, Republican John McCain gave the simplest of answers when asked if he would raise taxes as president.

    “No,” McCain said sternly when the question was put to him by a young girl at a meeting Tuesday in Sparks, Nevada.

    Despite previous vows not to raise taxes of any kind, McCain had caught some Republicans by surprise by suggesting the opposite.

More at the link. Unfortunately, this promise is an empty one. Because, in his greatest failure, President Bush was unable to persuade the Congress to make his tax cuts permanent, they will begin to expire shortly; it happens in stages, but the last of the tax cuts expires on New Year’s Day of 2011.

As President, John McCain will have to do more than say no to legislation increasing taxes; he’ll have to work hard to persuade the Congress, which will probably be controlled by Democrats, to pass legislation to extend the tax cuts. If President Bush couldn’t get that done when he had Republican majorities in six of his eight years, what makes anyone think that John McCain can get this done when facing a Democratic-controlled Congress?


  1. Taxes, to raise or not to raise. That is in question.

    Let me start out by asking a simple two part question.

    Other than through taxation of all types including all fees, fief’s, feuds, import/export, etc., please name all the ways the U S Government has to acquire the godawful mountains of money the government needs to operate (ie. waste) and what does the U S Government “itself,” key on the word itself, actually produce?

    My answer to the question is, outside taxes collected the only three other practical ways for the government to acquire money is to sell bonds backed by virtually nothing but a promise these days, coin/print money almost as worthless as the bonds and borrow money. Each of these approaches is just as detrimental to taxpayers and the over all national economy as the other.

    In a very real form, “stock” in the United States has been sold and continues to be sold and it started the day when the U S Globalist proponents and U S Congress and Government in collusion changed the laws that once made it illegal for any foreigner or foreign business to own real estate property within the borders of the U S A, legal. I suspect that many of the contributors here aren’t old enough to either know that fact or remember this fact of change in that particular law. And doubters, don’t ask me to prove it…let any doubters prove me wrong if their doubts to the veracity of my information are that profound. Good luck.

    Real estate is just about the only solid ie. tangible asset this nation has left and a lot of it that hasn’t been sold off to foreigners, is now laying idle off non contributory to the tax rolls due to bankruptcies and business failures and flat out conjured up gimmickry thought up by the greedy corrupt among our populous. Do notice I did not even mention the words liberal democrats conservative republican in my across the board accusal….greed has no political party or other boundary to regulate it which is quite obvious to anyone that has unbiased, focused attention on the issues. No judge or jury asks a person convicted of a felony whether the are a republican or democrat or if they are a member of any party before sentencing them because it doesn’t matter one damned bit and it’s a valuable lesson “left and right” political party finger pointers in this nation need to learn!

    So with this said, I fully expect our next president will be signing a bill raising taxes and if the next president doesn’t sign a bill that raises taxes, and our government keeps borrowing and spending money like it was water, God help us all.

    Now all I wonder is if what I have written here is going in one ear and out the other without stopping.


  2. McCain’s statement about saying that he would not raise taxes as president would be justifiable if he consistently opposed it.
    Unfortunately, it’s not as easy to explain away McCain’s apparent willingness to allow an increase in the payroll tax. While it might be argued that McCain is reasonable to consider raising the cap (doing so periodically in response to various factors such as inflation makes sense, for example), he should not present himself as opposing all new taxes if he isn’t opposed to all new taxes. I hate to see McCain adopting Obama’s policy (the policy of taking both sides of an issue).

  3. Bryan, however Senator McCain means it, it’s a promise I don’t think he can keep. If it required an act of Congress to raise taxes, he could always promise a veto, but that simply isn’t the case. Because taxes will rise automatically, the Democrats have the hammer here. They might offer Mr McCain some sort of compromise — we’ll cut tax rates for poorer Americans if you’ll agree to an increase in the Social Security base amount, or some such nonsense — but he should not accept that. Mr McCain should insist that tax cuts be for everyone, most easily accomplished by an extension of the existing Bush tax cuts, or say no, if some people’s taxes are going to increase, then everybody’s taxes are going to increase, and be ready to veto any attempts by the Democrats to have lower taxes for the poor while trying to soak the wealthy.

  4. For Dana and Bryan.

    I don’t think its a matter of McCain if he is elected being forced to sign a bill that raises taxes nor does it really matter what his personal belief and position on raising taxes is.

    If you guys read my reply carefully I all but said “the hand writing is on the wall” for a tax raise no matter which of the two men becomes the next president.

    This nation with its all but zero value dollars, and most of that flooding out of the country to other nations to purchase oil and pay a little on our national debts. is for all practical purposes, broke.

    Business shipped overseas is not just lost business, but lost income from wages and business, and thusly, in direct proportion,. lost taxes from income and business for the government to continue operating on.

    Like I said there are very few methods this nation’s government has available to bring more or at least the same amount of money it takes to keep operating.

    And here are a few examples of what printing new money which deflates dollar value does.

    It already takes in many areas, $2.00 to buy a twenty five cent loaf of bread, and $3.00 or more to buy a seventy five cent gallon of milk..a pound of hamburger meat now costs what sirloin steak cost ten years ago. A short time back they couldn’t hardly sell chickens in store for more than thirty nine cents per pound now look at the price of chicken in grocery stores. Fuel for transportation…do I really have to go into detail again on that? The whole oil price deal has been bogus since it began in 1973 when miles long line after line after line oil tankers were anchored just over the horizon in the Gulf of Mexico waited sometimes for weeks to offload their cargo’s of oil at the port refineries.

    What we are experiencing today are the effects of the Domino Principle, only there are multiple lines of dominoes tumbling down all at the same time. And believe me ever line of tumbling dominoes has an end, last domino to fall….and we little people have virtually no say about any of it because we are relying on others in higher positions in life to do make the decisions and do something..that is of course unless it should be decided to unite and do something drastic.

    How close we are to those end of the lines of dominoes I can’t venture to guess…there’s just not enough available statistical data yet to do anything but make wild guesses as to which direction the dominoes will take or if they can be halted.

    But one thing I do know is that lines of real dominoes when they start to tumble into the next and next, fall at the same constant speed until the last falls and the process comes to a halt

    On the other hand, the situations (plural) which our nation and government are currently faced with, the rates of speed of the fall are not static. The downward trends we see can be slowed down, and/or can be stopped if the will is there to stop it, and/or the trends, one or all of them, can speed up in an indirect proportion to the event that triggered the process.

    Dana, you and Ken need to get some honest, reliable, economy and business experts to post here with the more expert opinions.

    Dana, maybe you can get ole Hillary to put her two cents worth in. That ought to be good for a laugh at least and who knows as a Senator and a helluvalot closer to the grindstone than any of us will ever be, she may actually be able to clear up some of the mud on various issues in crisis. Stranger things have happened.


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