Desperate times call for desperate measures

You know, it really doesn’t get any better than this. It seems that the campaign of Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) has resprted to yet another subtle form of race-baiting against Senator Barack Hussein Obama (D-IL). Please note that this ain’t from some far right site, but from The Lost Kos:

Is the Clinton Campaign Now Engaged in Intentional Race-Baiting?
by jthomascronin
Mon Mar 03, 2008 at 11:29:56 AM PDT

A more thorough account of this story is in today’s recommended list. The writer is Troutnut.

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I generally attempt to avoid conspiratorial conclusions, but I have just watched a Hillary Clinton campaign commercial that raises a few troubling questions.

It seems the issue de jure for the Clinton campaign is now national security. The whole 3 a.m. bit. Towards that end, the Clinton campaign has a new commercial up today that attacks Barack Obama for not holding hearings regarding Afghanistan for the Senate subcommittee that he has chaired since the start of 2007.

So far, fair enough I would say. The commercial shows a clip of Sen. Obama answering a question about the matter during the debate in Cleveland on Thursday. This is where the trouble begins.

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First, I will allow all of you to look at both the debate clip and the campaign commercial. Sen. Obama’s response to the question at the debate comes at about the 4:40 mark. Watch them both and see if anything seems a bit askew.

Youtube Debate Clip

Clinton Campaign Commercial

Call me crazy, but it certainly appears to me that Sen. Obama’s skin tone is significantly darker in the Clinton campaign commercial. Watch it again and see if you agree.

Now, as most of us know, one of the ways in which to demonize a person of color is to make them appear darker than they are. By this twisted logic, somehow being more black makes you more threatening.

One of the first times I distinctly recall this issue being brought to the forefront was the Time Magazine cover picture of O.J. Simpson after his arrest. Time was heavily criticized for darkening the shade of Simpson’s skin in the cover photograph.

Whether intentional or not, the message was that a darker skinned Mr. Simpson somehow was more threatening or frightening than a lighter skinned Juice.

Notwithstanding the ridiculousness of this notion, it attempts to exploit stereotypes concerning race–specifically, to dredge up fear of black men.

IF the Clinton campaign has deliberately doctored the footage of Sen. Obama to exploit racist fears, she should be banished from American political life–along with anyone else involved.

Hat tip to The Field Negro, a very liberal Philadelphia blogger, who also has the pictures.

Looking at the pictures on Field’s site (and reproduced at the right), the skin tones are very subtly different, but the differences are there. What appears to have happened is that shades of yellow were removed, which has affected the background (reds are more purple, blues are slightly darker, and it seems that Mr Obama’s shirt is a slightly brighter white — thus adding more contrast — and Mr Obama’s complexion becomes more black and less brown.

Let’s face facts: the Democratic primary votes have been largely demographic ones, and the lovely Mrs Clinton knows that her strength is among white voters. The differences are very, very subtle, and maybe, maybe someone more charitably inclined toward Mrs Clinton might give her the benefit of the doubt; I am not so inclined.

How any Democrat can support that woman is beyond me.
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