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OK, why not? While some of our liberal friends would like to see the hunting accident as a cause for tremendous outrage, it’s essentially minor (except for the victim), and it’s good to see that LA has recognized it as just an opportunity for jokes.


  1. The path of the liberal left is well defined and predictable……..

    You heard the weatherman_____ “there will be no change”

  2. The press overreaction to the Cheney hunting mishap demonstrates that there is only a thin line separating main-stream media from the tabloid paparazzi. The latter seek juicy ‘facts’ that titillated the slack jawed mouth breathers in our midst who are curious to learn of the latest peccadilloes of the glitterati, while the former seek to reinforce the twisted views of our would be ‘progressive aristocrats’.

    The intensity of the whining is disproportionate to the public’s need to know (versus a narrowly-focussed overwhelming curiosity). There is no evidence of scandal or moral turpitude. The only ‘offense’ is the violation of a regulation only recently imposed. No one was left to drown and the first action was to obtain medical treatment.

    A number of agendas kicked into action. The involvement of guns stirred the interest of the civil disarmament lobby and a speech appeared to have been concocted for the Brady’s to read. The fact that the participants were Republicans heated up the intensity of the protests.

    Many news accounts showed the relative ignorance of ‘journalists’ about technical details of the subject at the core of the story. Birdshot was referred to as ‘buckshot’. There is a very substantial difference. The gauge of the shotgun was misreported. Pellets were described as ‘bullets’. These errors seemed to proliferate and hint that the journalistic community has become the victim of intellectual inbreeding.

    Did the matter affect national policy? Did a serious crime occur? Was a young woman left to drown? Was a multimillionaire swindler given a last minute pardon? Selective outrage over triviality is a terrible thing to behold.

  3. There was an initial surge on the far left blogosphere which thought that maybe, just maybe, they could take down Vice President Cheney over this one, but it died out quickly.

    Now the complaint is that the Administration was trying to somehow cover up the shooting, as though such a thought was ever within the realm of possibility. But some on the left, and not a few on the right, have attacked the poor way in which the Administration has handled the news. I’d say that they are right about that.

  4. Okay, I have to confess. I thought this one was funny.

    “You know what they say, if Dick Cheney comes out of his hole and shoots an old man in the face, 6 more weeks of winter.”

  5. How about this one:

    “Ya gotta love Texas. Where else can you shoot a lawyer in the face and then have the lawyer apologize?”

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