Does he really favor the thugs, or did he just not think about what he was saying?

Senator Barack Obama (D-IL), the leading candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, would be perfectly happy banning the carrying of concealed weapons. The Pittsburgh Tribune reported that Mr Obama:

differs with McCain and Clinton about whether people should be allowed to carry concealed guns. Clinton and McCain oppose outlawing it.

“I am not in favor of concealed weapons,” Obama said. “I think that creates a potential atmosphere where more innocent people could (get shot during) altercations.”

Ken reported to us just what it took for him to receive his concealed carry permit in Kentucky; it wasn’t just filling out a piece of paper, but a course in which he had to prove he knew and understood the concealed carry laws and demonstrate that he knew how to use a firearm properly. The Kentucky State Police will have to run a criminal records check on him. Simply put, to receive his concealed carry permit, Ken will have to have proven himself to be a responsible, law-abiding citizen.

So, what is it that Barack Obama thinks is a bad idea? Criminals, of course, don’t care about obeying the laws; that’s part of the definition of being a criminal! If Mr Obama thinks that concealed carry licenses are a bad idea, he’s thinking — assuming, of course, that he really has thought about the issue — that it’s a bad idea for law-abiding people to carry concealed weapons with a permit, even though he knows that a lot of criminals carry concealed weapons, with nary a thought given to any stinkin’ permit.

Art noted Mr Obama’s stated support of the Second Amendment as an individual right, but with his caveat that that individual right must be subject to “common sense” restrictions. Now the junior senator from Illinois is showing us just what he thinks a common sense restriction would be: a ban on law-abiding people being armed outside of their homes, which means, in practical terms, only criminals could be armed outside of their homes.

Fortunately, the federal government is not the arbiter of concealed-carry permits; those are the province of state governments. So, even if he is elected president, his views on the subject will have rather little impact. But his statements indicate, to me, that he has either not thought about the subject much at all — in which case he should have kept his mouth shut about it — or he has thought about it, and has just demonstrated a judgement which harms the interests of law-abiding citizens and favors the criminals.

It’s a choice between ignorance of the subject, or poor judgement. I’m not certain that either one of those is a positive for Mr Obama.

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  1. Obama is typical of your urban black thug huggers. He speaks better than John Conyers but does not seem to be any more bright. His coziness with Rezko should give a hint of his attitudes towards the criminal set.

    Black hacks often use a support for gun control (a euphemism for victim disarmament)as a way of pretending to be doing something about violent crime without causing any inconvenience to a criminal constituency.

    Doing something (even if it’s wrong)is often mistaken for activism.

    Just say ‘no’ to an Obama Nation.

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