Those peace-loving activists!

Thanks to a comment from Benning on Sister Toldjah’s website, I learned about just how peace loving the West Chester, Pennsylvania, peace demonstrators can be. Benning refered to this article, concerning Skye of Midnight Blue, a Philadelphia blogger who’s on this site’s blogroll. When a “Vietnam Veteran for Peace” was displeased that a woman would challenge him, he hit her. The story, and video, below the fold.

    When Leftists Attack: Peace Means Violence

    Skye blogs at Midnight Blue. For some time she has followed the so-called Peace activists who protest against our troops at a weekly gathering in West Chester, Pennsylvania. She takes pictures and reports on the goings on there, and has helped to organize counter-demonstrations against these anti-American Moonbats (sorry, Van Helsing, but the name fits!) As Skye posted on the 22nd:

    A beautiful day for a rally that turned ugly when a peace protester crossed the line from ugly remarks to violence.

    Snarky retorts, name calling and mis characterizations by the CCPM are common place events in my 7 month documentary of this rally. Yesterday crossed the line, when I was struck twice by a peace protester. I can deal with all the above, but will NOT tolerate any form of violence against my person. I am consulting legal advice on this matter.

    She emailed her story to Melanie Morgan, reporting:


    I am saddened to report this:

    Saturday around 12:10 PM, a member of the Chester County Peace Movement (CCPM) slapped a woman twice ( that would be me) who was videotaping an exchange between the two opposing groups. Police were called and an officer arrived at 12:15 PM and announced to the crowd that he was conducting an investigation.

    The CCPM member was pointed out to police and the officer told the man to come forward and the man refused. The guy was totally uncooperative, belligerent and would not go with the officer. When he shoved the officer, the officer’s partner took him to the ground to be handcuffed. The guy continued to resist while on the ground and the peace movement folks surrounded the officers, some as close as a foot or so away.

    Photos at the bottom of show this quite clearly.

    I’ve prided myself in my professional conduct at this rally and to be struck twice by a ‘peace’ protester who has been present since the time I began covering this rally is truly disturbing.


Well, as it happens, there was a cameraman around, and the incident was caught on tape. Again, thanks to Benning:

This is the fine, peace loving gentleman who assaulted Skye, John Meicht. Benning has a picture of Skye in his article, posing with Michelle Malkin, noting how dangerous she looks.

Supposedly, Skye is suing Mr Meicht. That may be an effort in vain, but who knows? But this demonstrates how we are supposed to listen patiently and calmly to the screeches arguments from the good-hearted, well-intentioned people on the anti-war left, but we can’t expect the same in return from them.

I’m sorry, but I can’t get past one thing: a man hit a woman, to show her what for. While yeah, he ought to be sued, what he really needs is to be humiliated, to be shamed, to be shown to the world just what a big, brave, tough man he is.


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