Hillary Clinton’s scorched earth campaign

In an ad reminiscent of Lyndon Johnson’s “Daisy” comercial, in which he implied that Republican presidential candidate Barry Goldwater would lead us into nuclear war, Senator Hilary Clinton has come up with one asking just who we want answering the crisis phone at 3:00 AM.

Allahpundit put it best:

Knock off the last few seconds of Hillary on the phone here and this is the best campaign ad for John McCain you’ve ever seen, no?

So, who do I want answering that phone? Someone with four years’ experience in the Senate (two of which were spent campaigning for president) or someone with eight years’ experience in the Senate (two of which were spent campaigning for president) plus eight years as First Lady, or someone who was graduated from the United States Naval Academy, who spent 23 years on active duty, who has seen combat, from someone who endured five years as a prisoner of war, who served four years in the House of Representatives and twenty in the Senate?

John McCain has known war, and he has known peace. He knows what war is about, and knows, from bitter experience, that war is not something to be entered into lightly, nor something from which to run away once engaged. Of the three candidates left standing, John McCain is the only one I’d trust to answer that phone.

Is it my imagination, or is Mrs Clinton laying the groundwork for a campaign which says that if she can’t be elected, then no Democrat can?


  1. Well, BO said today that we should put the fear of 9/11 behind us. Or, as I interpret that remark, there is no more war on terror and the phone ringing in BO’s mind at 3 AM is Domino’s calling back to ask if it’s Pepperoni or Anchovies.

  2. I know that Senator Obama seems to have a Teflon coating that even Ronald Reagan never had, but I can’t recall ever seeing a campaign flame out like Mrs Clinton’s has done; you’d think that they’d get something right out of pure dumb luck, but it’s like everything she tries goes wrong for her now.


    That teflon coating is melting off sooner than the “dreamers of hope and change” can imagine.

    Hillary reach’s into Sandy Bergers pants to pull out the “ringing phone” and to her surprise its more missing Rose Law Firm papers.

  3. Of the three candidates left standing, John McCain is the only one I’d trust to answer that phone.

    That really says it all. Even on Pandagon, they see this as smacking of desperation on Hillary’s part. One opined that it’s as if Obama has a mole in Hillary’s campaign, he had his own counter-ad out within hours.

    The strange thing is, much as I’ve disliked Hillary and wanted her to lose, I’m almost feeling sorry for her now. Nothing she does seems to work, her leads keep slipping, all the momentum seems to be on Obama’s side.

  4. Reagan had the Teflon effect because of his qualities. With B. Hussein Obama, we are witnessing a general media unwillingness to deal with inconventient truths. Some might find comparisons with the ‘cover up’ of FDRs handicap and JFKs sexual obsession but there were differences. FDR could do his job and JFKs follies were just one aspect of the man. He did not have a radical agenda in mind.

    With Obama it is the essence of the person that is being kept from the public gaze.

  5. The Clintons didn’t exactly help John Kerry in 2004, because they wanted him to lose; had Mr Kerry won, Mrs Clinton could not have run for president before 2012, and by then she’d either be following a two-term Democratic presidency (which usually means a change of party control of the White House) or an incumbent Republican president.

    Now it seems as though Mrs Clinton is setting it up so that if she doesn’t win the presidency, no Democrat can. That would mean she could run in 2012, against President John McCain, after three consecutive Republican terms in the White House; if Barack Obama wins, she couldn’t run again until 2016, when she’d be 68 years old.

  6. There could also be a ‘surprise’ in which Hillary and Obama make peace and form a team. This seems doubtful.

    A really tough fight in the Ohio and Texas primaries could alter the complexion of the struggle. Hillary has the insiders on her side in both states and any shift in momentum in her direction would likely have a domino effect.

    This election season has seen a lot of inevitability turned to trash.

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