This Makes Zero Sense

I was talking to a parent of a profound hearing loss (deaf) child. The family has just completed the first step towards a cochlear implant for the child. I and they believe it will help this child immesurably in the child’s life. But part of the conversation said there was a great divide in the deaf community over cochlear implants. There is a group advocating them, but a greater group saying no way will they get one because it will make them not who they are, deaf. By hearing, they lose that identity. I was very much taken back by this. I equate that argument to saying amputees should not get artificial limbs because it would make them who they are not!


  1. Bravo Yorkshire!

    You’ve just made a case for 3/4’s of the Democratic Party (substitute thinking for hearing)

    Uh, oh Rovin, are you trying to get me in trouble?? :-)

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