I would not want to be an executioner. While I support hunting, I have yet to point a firearm at any animal. Yet I am an enthusiastic carnivore and do not want to munch on some live animal.

This said, I would not shy away from springing the trap (or throwing the switch) on a Tojo, Ted Bundy, or a Suzanne Basso if no one else could be found. Those unfamiliar with the female killer should known that she was convicted of killing of only a single person but the nature of the crime deserves the most severe of punishments.

Why is there a sympathy for killers? I can understand it from a person who has serous doubts as to their (fact-based) guilt. Yet what of those attract admirers despite the enormity of their crimes?

Gratuitous and remorseless killing of another person is typically the work of the most devious of individuals, the sociopath. Your sociopath is among the most convincing of persons and can be quite charming when it comes to beating the rap, gaining sympathy, or enticing a victim to become more vulnerable. I have met a few of these people and can think of one wasy of dealting with them: death.

Why worry about some momentary discomfort suffered by a person who took an innocent life with often sadistic methods? There, the physical pain often included degradation and torture.

It is ironic that the seemingly macho Norman Mailer and conservative intellectual William F. Buckley could be gulled by sociopathic killers while the author of a piece of fluff called ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ could write a testament in favor of capital punishment called ‘In Cold Blood’. Then again, Truman Capote beat Humphrey Bogart at arm wrestling….twice.