CBS News is biased? That’s not news!

Our good friend Mr Grey Ghost just doesn’t get it: he actually expects the media to treat things fairly!

    Giuliani & Kerik? What About Hillary Clinton and Norman Hsu?

    Newsbusters spills the beans on more of that utter hypocrisy coming from your liberal press:

    The CBS Evening News, which has aired only one full story on the scandal surrounding Hillary Clinton’s fugitive donor Norman Hsu, on Friday night ran its second full story on the impact on Rudy Giuliani of Bernard Kerik’s indictments as Byron Pitts told Kerik that “people” say you’re “a poster child as to why Giuliani shouldn’t be President.” Back on August 31, in the newscast’s only full story on Hsu, fill-in anchor Harry Smith didn’t even mention Hillary Clinton’s name in his introduction, but on Friday Katie Couric put Giuliani front and center: “Kerik isn’t the only one who could face trouble. It’s also bad news for his friend and mentor, Republican presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani.”

    In the Hsu story, CBS reporter Sandra Hughes didn’t warn about any negative impact on the Hillary Clinton campaign or speculate about what Hillary Clinton knew about Hsu’s criminal past or suspect bundling. But in the Giuliani piece, Pitts predicted: “Kerik’s legal problems could mean political problems for Giuliani and the inevitable questions of the presidential candidate: What did he know and when did he know it?” In an exchange with Kerik, Pitts proposed: “There are people who say that you, forgive me, are a poster child as to why Giuliani shouldn’t be President, because of your own troubles.”

    As I’ve made it clear here several time, I can’t stand Rudy Giuliani and everything he stands for. I pray every day that he’ll never be President. But what’s fair is fair and liberals all across the map are big-time hypocrites for making a big deal out of Giuliani’s relationship with Bernard Kerik while saying little to nothing about Hillary (and Bill) Clinton’s relationship with Norman Hsu. Funny too because there’s so much out there to attack about Rudy (race relations, exploiting his role in 9/11, adultery, etc.), I just don’t see what Bernard Kerik (who most people outside of NYC barely know) did in his spare time has to do with Rudy’s “character”. Rudy doesn’t dump his friends the minute they go through some bad times, that’s called being loyal, an important characteristic of someone you call a “friend”. I know that quite a few liberals think that Rudy might be Hillary’s strongest foe, but Giuliani’s relationship with Bernard Kerik is not going to have an effect on the average American voter.

Mr Ghost certainly makes a valid point concerning the bias of the traditional media, but it’s very much dog bites man; it’s just not news. Of course, since nobody really watches the CBS Evening News anymore, CBS’ bias means a lot less than previously. :)


  1. you are kidding right? I saw plenty of Norman Hsu pieces. I just saw one last week.

    yes, the media is cunningly lingual for Hillary, but they are felating Rudy just as much

    they want a NY/NY race. it’s disgusting.

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