Ann Coulter, would you please just shut up!

I’ve mentioned before just how much I think of Republicans who put themselves ahead of their party. Well, Larry Craig is a piker compared to Ann Coulter.

If Democrats Had Any Brains, They’d Be Republicans,¹ and, as is her wont when hustling books, she’s come up with another outrageous comment:

    Ann Coulter calls for Jews to be ‘perfected’ by converting to Christianity
    Nick Juliano, Published: Thursday October 11, 2007

    The National Jewish Democratic Council called for media organizations to stop inviting arch-conservative Ann Coulter to appear on television after the right wing pundit and author continued her habit of making outrageous, offensive comments on national television.

    This time, Coulter said Jews should be “perfected” by accepting Jesus and America would be better off if everyone was a Christian.

    A national Catholic organization also criticized Coulter’s remarks.

    “I’m just dumbfounded that a Christian would even say this in America,” Chris Korzen, executive director of Catholics United told RAW STORY.

    Korzen said it was “particularly dangerous” to be mixing religious conversion with discussions of what it means to be an American, and he said Coulter’s comments reminded him of John McCain referring to the US as a “Christian nation.”

    “I don’t believe I read anything in the constitution about Jesus Christ dying for our sins,” Korzen said.

    Others called for television networks to ban Coulter from the airwaves.

More at the link.

Miss Coulter writes, both acidly and well, on a host of political topics, and does so from a conservative perspective. But, other than her looks, she’s our “side’s” version of Rosie O’Donnell, a loudmouth who does far more harm than good for our arguments. Of course, in one way she is smarter than Miss O’Donnell: when the lovely Miss O’Donnell went off on her continual rants, she lost her job on The View. When Miss Coulter does it, she sells more books.

But the price of Miss Coulter’s tactic for selling more books is to serve as the idiot lightning rod for our side. She helps herself, but she doesn’t help the conservative cause she claims to support in the least.
¹ – It’s pretty unlikely that I’ll read the book, but I’m guessing that Eric will wind up reviewing it! :)


  1. I’d say Coulter goes too far, but is there any such place any more? And if there is, haven’t we been there and back?

  2. Do not underestimate how many people are not even open to being Republican because they consider Coulter to be the essence of Republicanism.

  3. I don’t think it’s that, any moore than people identify the Dems with Mike Moore.

    Coulter is a shock jock who’s paid (rather handsomely) to get a reaction. Her days of being a serious, or even semi-serious, political pundit/journalist seem to be way in the past.

  4. Bitter Scribe mused…

    I’d say Coulter goes too far, but is there any such place any more? And if there is, haven’t we been there and back?

    Hear hear!

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