Cat fight!

The Grey Ghost usually has pictures accompanying his articles, and he had the one of Rachel Smith, the reigning Miss USA on his fine site. Miss Smith had an absolutely wonderful quote Mr Ghost had for us:

    I just don’t want to end up like Katie Couric. I want people to take me seriously.

    — Miss USA, Rachel Smith, on her journalistic aspirations.

Of course, Mrs Couric simply couldn’t let that one go unchallenged. She sent out a “representative,” who said:

If (Rachel Smith) continues to offer such profound insight, she will not have to worry about anyone taking her seriously.



  1. I’m on Couric’s side on this and I’m no fan of Perky. Miss “USA” needs a lot more resume to stand on to be able to kiss Couric’s ass.

  2. what has Couric done lately that warrants any great respect? She took over from Dan Rather when that network was in 3rd place, and by most accounts she’s done even worse than him.

  3. The difference is, Miss America has lots of potential. She’s young, and has her whole life ahead of her.

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  5. Except that’s not what she said. This from her blog at the Miss USA website:

    I was stopped by many journalists, one which included a young woman from the New York Daily News. Her questions covered a wide spectrum of material, but I was eagerly willing to supply her with material for her piece. One of her questions was something along the lines of, “What would you like to do after Miss USA?” My answer to her was something like this, “I have aspirations of pursuing journalism after my reign as Miss USA. I would like to do a little more entertainment-oriented, lighter news, unlike the news Katie Couric does, because I would like to still have the opportunity to do modeling jobs and endorsement opportunities. My credibility would be at risk if I tried to do those things while delivering hard news.”
    In no way, shape or form was my comment a “diss” to Katie Couric. To the contrary, I am actually a HUGE fan of Ms. Couric’s, and I would love nothing more than to replicate a successful journalism career like hers. I would consider myself lucky to have a career a fraction as successful as hers in my future!

    Miss Couric’s rep apparently didn’t bother to check with before issuing her nasty statement, but now says she’ll take her word for it. I’ve tried without any luck to find a recording of the Q&A, but my experience with the mainstream media is that they’ve never accurately reported any event I’ve been associated with. The first hint that there might be something wrong with this report was that on the night of the Miss USA pageant, held in LA, it had Miss Smith satying at the Waldorf, which is in New York. You’d think someone at the Daily News would have caught the error, and that they would have issued a retraction by now, if they had even a passing acquaintance with journalistic ethics.
    Come to think of it, you might want to consider something along those lines yourself.

    Here’s the link to Miss Smith’s blog:

  6. Naturally, I did a google search on “Robert Trebes” and “Miss USA,” because his response, on an (unfortunately) low-traffic site like ours seemed like a lot of effort; I wondered if he was a paid publicist for Miss USA.

    And I did not find any direct link that would indicate that such is his occupation. But Mr Trebes is all over the internet with this defense. If he isn’t a paid publicist for Miss Smith, he should be!

    There is a retraction, or call it a correction, on the Miss USA website, a sort of “I misspoke” type of thing. But the original story is sourced via NBC, which is considered a reliable source for citation.

  7. This from today’s New York Daily News:

    In an interview credited to a freelance contributor on Monday, this column quoted Miss USA Rachel Smith “dissing” Katie Couric during a red carpet interview. The Miss Universe organization later complained that her comment was taken out of context. After reviewing the taped interview I agree that Miss Smith used the word “credibility” in a context that could have been misinterpreted by the journalist. A pageant rep tells us: “Rachel is a huge fan of Katie Couric and would love nothing more than to have a career such as hers.”

    That should end the matter.

    And no, I have no connection with Miss Smith. But feel free to bring me to her attention!

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