Maybe Villanova learned something from the Duke non-rape case

    Sex case rocks Villanova football team
    Three freshman football players were thrown out of school as a result of a rape allegation.
    By Joe Juliano and Mari Schaefer, Philadelphia Inquirer Staff Writers

    Villanova rescinded the admissions of three freshman football players last night after Radnor Township police said they were investigating the alleged sexual assault of a female student on the Main Line campus.
    “It was a report of forcible rape,” university spokeswoman Liz Kennedy Walsh said.

    The incident happened between 9:30 p.m. July 14 and 1 a.m. July 15, according to the daily log recorded by the university’s department of public safety. Head football coach Andy Talley and athletic director Vince Nicastro said they were not informed of the situation until July 18, when the players were questioned by the department and gave statements.

    “After they made their statements, and apparently other students had made statements as well, I was then informed about where [the investigation] was and the nature of the incident, and that it was some concern to the university,” Nicastro said in Baltimore, where he was attending Colonial Athletic Association’s football media day.

    The players, none of whom Nicastro or Talley identified, citing privacy regulations, were told to be out of their rooms by 6 p.m. Friday. University officials decided yesterday to remove the three players from school.

What the university didn’t do was identify either the alleged assailants or victim, either by name or by race. Thus, it remains a rape case under investigation, and not (at least, not yet) fodder for the kind of circus the Duke non-rape case became.

The school was right to expel the students, as Duke acted properly in suspending the accused assailants in that unfortunate case. Even though the accusations against the Duke lacrosse players later proved unfounded, Duke really had little choice but to suspend students who had been charged with rape.

Here, if Villanova and the Radnor Township police can simply keep a lid on things, and not make this a spectacular case, maybe justice can proceed.

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